Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at fab'rik-- we wish you all a very happy & safe holiday season! & a happy New Year! Thank you for being our loyal customers, shopping partners, friends, & family! We wouldn't be where we are if it weren't for all you!

Monday, December 20, 2010

One Dress-- Four Parties!

Look 1: Office Party
Look 2: Cocktail party

Look 3: Family Party

Look 4: New Year's Party

We all know that little black dresses are the most versatile pieces in our wardrobe-- & today we're going to prove it: 4 times! We also realize that while you want to look super haute for all your holiday functions you don't want to break the bank either in the midst of all your holiday shopping. So we've created 4 unique looks all based around the same simple black dress. All it takes is a few switch ups with your accessories, hair, & makeup and you'll look like you rocked 4 different dresses!
Look 1: Office Party -- The best way to look a bit more conservative is by not showing off a sexy silhouette. This party perfect jacket that we've added still puts some fun in the mix keeping it youthful with the sparkle but the neckline keeps everything office appropriate. We paired everything with some suede wedges to keep the look simple and classic.
Look 2: Cocktail Party-- By adding some red accessories you can really play up a simple black outfit. Our model is rocking red pumps with a red clutch, keeping the rest of the accessories simple with slate grey accents. Add some curl to your hair & a smokey eye and you'll be ready to hit any party!
Look 3: Family Party-- Like most people, we feel the need to be a bit more covered up when we're hanging out with the fam. The perfect solution is layering with a cardigan which instantly gives off a wholesome look even grandma would approve of! Keep your hair and makeup simple to match your laid back look!
Look 4: New Year's Party-- Believe it or not wearing sequins isn't mandatory for the New Year. You can add just enough sparkle by layering some fun necklaces together to incorporate some bling! Fun snakeskin shoes adds another special pop of party to your outfit. While pulling your hair back automatically makes you look sleek and sophisticated!

Happy Partying! love, the fab'rik lady & gent

Friday, December 17, 2010

Give the Gift of Fab'rik

Tis the season to think of others! And while most of us associate fab'rik for shopping for ourselves-- it's also the perfect place to get great gifts for friends & family!
We have plenty of gifts for all the gals on your list!
Votivo holiday candles are the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostest! We seriously have never heard anyone say they don't love the smell of red currant!
We have a variety of colors of Hanky Pankys that make awesome stocking stuffers for the teen, college girl and girl friends!
Not to mention, loads of scarves, hats & gloves to keep everyone on your list warm this holiday season!
Of course, we have plenty of holiday dresses, tops, sweaters, jewelry, shoes, and handbags!
And if you don't know what to get that certain someone we have gift certificates available for any dollar amount! Stop by any fab'rik! We are your one stop shop for all the ladies on your shopping list!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Party Perfect

We're sure that everyone is knee deep in holiday parties & events at the moment! & we know how tough it is to find the right outfit for each special occasion! So we've put together a few outfit options for all you party hoppers out there based on the event you're attending.
Whether you need something to celebrate with his parents, your girls, your co-workers or just you and your man-- we're your one stop shop!
With the parents: Remember to keep it conservative without looking like grandma. And you especially don't want to buy something that you can't wear again. We love the taupe long-sleeved dress with the sequin shoulder detail. If you pair it with tights you can make it even more appropriate with mom & dad then bare legged with the girls!
With the girls: We're totally crushing on the adorable pleated neckline strapless dress. We're always in search for the perfect little black dress & this one is flattering & practical, and can be re-worn to multiple other occasions year-round! Vamp it up with some red heels & you're ready to hit the town!
With the co-workers: Most people need to remain fairly conservative for most company affairs. We love the sheer dress with sleeves-- this way you're still dressed fun but not showing too much skin as to not offend the older co-workers ;) Even better-- you can totally wear it again to dinner with friends!
With your man (or on the prowl for one!): The uber-sexy one shoulder grey & black number is too hot for words. You'll knock his socks off when he sees you strutting out the door in this party dress!
We have all these dresses-- and oodles more-- plenty of options for all your party plans this holiday season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

We've Saved the Best for Last

We couldn't think of a better way to thank those that mean to the most to us: our friends, family, & fabulous customers, than with an amazing end of the year sale! Come in today Thursday December 9th through Sunday December 12th for amazing deals!
30% off all shoes, dresses, tops, accessories, candles, & jewelry through out the store! AND buy one get one free on ALL of our designer denim! Score big on William Rast, Citizen of Humanity, Rock & Republic, Hudson, MissMe, Joes, and Paige! We hope that you find everything that you're looking for to complete your Christmas shopping list-- and even a few things for you along the way :) Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Chic

If you live in, near, or around Carytown, Virginia be sure to check out their Holiday Chic Fashion Show this evening at the Carytown store on West Cary Street. Be ready to see loads of looks perfect for any holiday festivity on your calendar, and of course plenty of gift ideas for all the ladies on your shopping list because after previewing the show you will receive 20% off all holiday dresses!

Be ready to shop, sip, & see!

Feel free to call the fab'rik ladies in Carytown (804.254.2741) if you have any questions!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Festive Ideas for the Holidays

Here at fab'rik we always love to throw a good party; whether it be birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, engagement, anniversary, or just a random get together-- we are always down for getting the gang together & celebrating just about anything! But we especially love gathering for the holidays.
Who doesn't love a good holiday party? Year after year, people celebrate this time of family & friends with all sorts of themes to bring everyone together.
Having a hard time making up your mind on what you'd like to host this year?
Here is our list of must-have holiday parties:
-Favorite Sweater: old school but never gets old. A great way for both guys & gals to get excited about the holiday season. Rock a favorite sweater from childhood or score one at a thrift store. Makes your outfit selection sooo much easier.
-Tacky Christmas: duh. It's favorite sweater-esque taken to a whole new level. What's more fun that seeing all of your friends decked out in reindeer antlers, jingle bells & wreaths! Over time we've seen some pretty outlandish get ups at these type of gatherings!
-Winter Wonderland: Easy enough: ask all of your friends to gather in winter white, creme, & ivory outfits. These color-based- themed parties are great for pictures & wanting a simple theme to mold your party around.
-Potluck party: makes things easy for the hostess. If you're really wanting to get your group of friends together but don't have hours to spend slaving in the kitchen this is your best option. Send out an evite or mass email (this way everyone can know what everyone's bringing) suggesting different sides, desserts, etc. It's an easy way out of having to throw the whole thing together yourself! & a great way to get new recipe ideas! Which brings us to our next theme...
-Recipe exchange: this is geared more towards the gals. But a really cute idea especially for ladies in their 20s who are still figuring out how to go about hosting their own party. Make it simple: appetizers & drinks, & ask all your guests to bring their preferred holiday recipe on note cards-- enough for each guest. Everyone will love finding out how to make grandma's gingerbread cookies, your family pumpkin pie, etc. all while sipping on a cocktail...
-Mixology party: What's a holiday party without some fun drink options? Another girl friendly idea is a cocktail themed party. Similar to the recipe exchange except better ;) Everyone brings the ingredients to their favorite party (hopefully holiday inspired) drinks to share with friends while mingling with friends. Here's one of our favorite cocktails with a festive twist: We call it the Christmas Collins: First fill a cocktail shaker with cracked ice. Add gin (preferably Bombay), lemon juice & sugar. Shake about 5 times. Then fill an 8 oz. glass with about a palm-full of pomegranate seeds. After, pour our mixture from the cocktail shaker into the glass & top it off with a sprig of thyme-- which mocks a mistletoe!
-Ornament Exchange: My girlfriends & I used to do this in high school, & as the years have gone on I cherish the memories from these get togethers the most from holiday seasons' past. Everyone brings an ornament & follows the rules much like a white elephant gift exchange. It's a great way to get some adorable ornaments to add to your Christmas trees over the years.
-XXXmas Party: Now I suppose it's only fitting for the adult version of the ornament exchange party that my friends & I have migrated to over the past couple of years. Same concept-- different gifts. We each bring some lingerie under $40 and have a hilarious time laughing as everyone fights over lingerie... my how times have changed ;)

Cheers! & Happy hostess-ing!!

A photo from a Little Black Dress themed party we had a few years ago :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Function-al

So with the holidays comes loads of family functions. While you're busy juggling cocktail parties & soirees the majority of the year where anything in your closet goes, November & December ask for a more conservative approach to celebrating. I mean, let's be serious, you can't show up at grandma's with 5 inch stilettos & a mini skirt!
Take the fab'rik approach to holiday festivity shopping: buy things that are appropriate but versatile. A sweater that can also be worn to work, a dress that can be worn with leggings at your aunt's but can show off your gams when you're out with your girls, or a slick pair of jeggings with a cozy tunic & then rockin heels on the weekend. What's better than pieces that can be worn now & later? Other than a serious Thanksgiving feast :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

For All You Carolina Girls....

What better way to kick off your Monday than with a great deal?
For all of our North Carolina customers you can enjoy a special post-Halloween treat: Our Raleigh & Chapel Hill stores are on Groupon today!
For $25 you get $60 worth of merchandise! Talk about a deal! That's 58% off!
Before midnight tonight be sure to snatch up your Groupon to get great savings on sweaters, cardigans, jackets, coats, dresses, jewelry, shoes & even jeans!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rae of Light

I'll go ahead & call myself out on this blog-- I am totally 100% biased. While I do love all things that I blog about: fab'rik, jeggings, shoes, weddings, etc. I can't even begin to describe in words how much I love today's subject: Savannah Rae.
Last Friday night was such a special evening for us fab'rik ladies. One of our very own, Amanda Wheeler, debuted her fashion line at our midtown store. We had a full-on launch party & fashion show, showcasing the Savannah Rae brand for all the world to see! Friends, family, customers, gathered on October 22nd to be the first to see, try on, & buy the easy to wear line.
Imagine, pieces that you can wear tons of different ways: with leggings, jeans, tights, boots, heels, jackets, cardigans: all of the Savannah Rae items can be combined with multiple combinations to create versatile outfits for your everyday wardrobe! They all fit the fab'rik requirements: trendy, fashionable, & of course-- all under $100!
Amanda-- We are so incredibly proud of you! We love your clothes! & we are having the best time helping other women fall in love with them as well :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall in Love

One of my best friends is walking down the aisle this weekend :) For this particular wedding I got lucky: all I have to do is slide on my bridesmaid's dress but for those of you that are attending fall weddings as guests... here's a little crash course!
Shopping for weddings in general is always very tricky. We've already discussed this subject once before. However, each season is a new monster in the wedding attire world & fall seems to be the most challenging of all. The weather is so unpredictable (hello, it was 50 degrees last week & 85 this week!) & depending on the time of the wedding, you can get a real headache weighing out all of your viable options.
Basic Black-- I know, I know you're not attending a funeral. However, if you're attending a fall wedding in the evening this is your best and safest bet. It will allow you to accessorize according to the occasion & of course can be worn on various other occasions!
Fall Hues-- A given. But anything in the browns, plums, taupes, rust colors is always so beautiful when the leaves are changing.
Layers-- See what summer dresses you can wear with either a cardigan or tights to make a summery dress translate well into the fall months. Even think wraps, shawls, capes, & scarves to help you take your look year round.
Layers, more specifically: Blazers-- Use this classic piece every girl should have in their closet to not only make a look more conservative (especially for a church ceremony) but to stay warm if the temperature drops after the sun goes down! Cocktail-- If you're attending an after 5 wedding, any sort of cocktail dress (not to revealing or short of course) is a perfect option! Throw on a cute pump or bootie & you're ready to go!
Timing is everything-- The actual time the ceremony is taking place is the key factor to determining attire for any wedding. A cute skirt & cardigan combo is perfect for an afternoon wedding while a dressier option is most suitable for evening.

Fab'rik City Walk manager Meredith & her husband Rob at a fall wedding this past weekend! Meredith's wearing one of our many fab'rik dresses! Only $72.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Denim 101

I am a self-professed denim girl: I'd rather be in jeans & a cute top any day over a dress. However, knowing my friends as well as my customers I realize that I'm actually the exception to the rule. Most girls love dresses & I could never figure out why I didn't feel the same. Jeans are challenging-- maybe I like the challenge?-- the right length, cut, fit & of course, the best boost for your caboose! I spend hours helping women of all shapes, ages, & sizes find the perfect jean & I can say that overall: women loathe the process. I personally hate bathing suit shopping (who does though?) but some women out there hate, with a capital H, looking for jeans.
So, I have decided to gather a few tips & tricks from magazines & personal experience that will hopefully facilitate the process for those of you out there that cringe at the thought of denim shopping.
-boot cut- style that skims the thigh & has a slight flare at the leg opening; balances proportions & creates the illusion of longer legs
-skinny- style with a close fit through the leg; great for tucking into boots
-flare leg- fitted through the seat, thigh & knee & then flared at the leg opening
-straight leg- traditional cut with a straight, narrow leg that does not flare at the leg opening
-jegging- the 2010 jean; fits like a skinny jean & feels like leggings

We have a rule at fab'rik- buy the size the smallest size you can button. I know, sounds crazy & not very comfortable (if you could only see the look on some of my customers faces when I tell them this) but the truth is that denim is a variation of cotton & well cotton/denim stretches. You will look like a hot mess in your baggy jeans if you give in & buy the bigger size. Trust me, I've been foolish enough to not take my own advice & I regret it each & every single time I have that certain pair of ill-fitting jeans on.

Different Body Shape, Different Jean
-To overall slim: jeans where the side seam curves to the front will narrow any silhouette
-To camouflage the tummy: high-waisted jeans are always great for belly conscious gals
-The dreaded love handles: mid-rise jeans like Joes, Citizens, etc. that right about 8 to 8.5 inches from top to bottom
-Wide hips: Jeans that are more of a high rise--without being a mom jean--that hit an inch below the belly button will eliminate the waist gap, which is often the problem for the pear-shaped ladies. Also, steer clear of tight ankles, which can make your legs look like drumsticks!
-Petite & Curvy: The best fit for the cute & compact is hands down the Joe's Provocateurs. This style really compliments an hourglass petite silhouette, as they are designed with more room in the thighs & butt. They also have a shorter inseam & boot cut leg that won't chop off at the ankle or shorten thicker thighs.
-Tall & Curvy: Denim with monochromatic stitching doesn't draw attention to thick thighs or bottoms. Also, we suggest long flared jeans (like Rock & Republic) that are snug through the thigh to accentuate the long gams.
-Boy Figure: Women with angular hips need jeans that rest on the pelvic bone, to reduce the extra fabric. Make sure to avoid casual, slouchy jeans: these will only make you appear more box shaped.
-Full Figure: If the back pockets on the jeans are too far apart, they tend to only draw more attention to the backside and can make hips look wider. Paige Laurel Canyon jeans have a slightly wider flare (20 inches) which balances out the hips.
-Boosting a Flat Romp: Rounded pocket edges create the illusion of a nice shaped apple bottom versus a pancake! We love the Hudson standard boot cut.
-Defying Gravity: In order to draw the viewer's eye up, wear jeans with flap pockets that are high on the rear. Also, jeans that are more fitted through the knee make the tush look perkier!

Extra Tips
-Too much distressing in the wrong place can draw attention to a trouble spot, but a little hint of it in a favorable area that you wish to accentuate will allow your jeans to have that perfect worn in look
-To create the illusion of thinner thighs, a darker wash tends to be the most flattering
Of course, as you already know, you can always stop by any fab'rik & have your very own denim guru help you find the best jean for your denim desires!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FNO Winners!

Happy Tuesday bloggeristas!
After 4 successful Fashion's Night Out events this past Friday night & a relaxing weekend we are finally ready to announce the 4 winners of the contests we had going on at each store!

Buckhead: The winner of a $50 gift certificate to Republic Social House is EVIN EARNHART
Midtown: The winner of our outfit contest & $100 gift certificate to fab'rik is MEGAN MABREY
Forum: The winner of a haute mom makeover: outfit from fab'rik, makeup from Van Michael Salon, & dinner for 2 at Grace 1720 is LIZ BICKNESE
CW: The winner of the denim contest & $100 gift certificate to fab'rik is KELLI SULLIVAN

Congratulations to all of our winners! & thank you all so much again for joining us on FNO! We look forward to next year!
Also, be sure to check our facebook page through out the week for pics & details from all 4 events!
*Winners: Be sure to go to each store this week to redeem your prize! Email if you have any questions!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

Hello all you fashionistas out there! Only 5 more days until Fashion's Night Out! And boy do we have some fun things planned for you! Each one of our Atlanta stores is hosting its own event! Whether you want to stop by one, a couple, or all 4-- we'll guarantee you a great night of fashion, music, food, and fun!
Here's a sneak peek at all things going on at each store for Fashion's Night Out, Friday September 10th:
Midtown: If you're overwhelmed by all of the fall trends-- military, lady like, lace, camel, grey, leather, menswear-- and the list goes on! We've got you covered! Stop by between 6pm-9pm, we will have stylists on hand to help you sift through the best trends for you and how to rock them! Enjoy desserts, and beverages while experiencing the full personal styling experience!
City Walk (Sandy Springs): We all know that most women struggle finding the perfect jean. That's why if you stop by our City Walk location on FNO you will have a team of denim experts determined to help you look and feel your best in jeans by: Citizens of Humanity, William Rast, Joes, MissMe, Rock&Republic, Hudson, etc. Cocktails and treats will be served from 10am-6pm
Forum (Norcross): Our Norcross location is introducing their new Kids Korner and Haute Mom program on FNO. Stop by the Forum shopping center for wine and appetizers from 6pm-9pm to get styling advice from one of our favorite haute moms, Lisa Wu Hartwell from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Kids Korner will allow all moms to enjoy the fun of shopping again, while their kids are having fun! Enter to win a full Haute Mom makeover including an outfit from fab'rik, full makeup done by Van Michael Salon, and dinner for two at Grace 1720.
Buckhead: Dressing up for a date night can always be a challenge-- you never want to look like you're trying too hard but you always want to look your best! Come learn the art of creating the perfect date night look with guest Chili from TLC and the Buckhead ladies! Stop in between 7pm-9pm and enjoy wine, mingling, and of course, shopping!

We are very excited to be participating in such a world wide event! A night that is created to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry's economy and put the fun back in shopping!

Friday, August 27, 2010

It's Flippin' Friday y'all!

Confession: We love Fridays. We love everything about them. We love that our customers love them. We love that our friends love them. & we love that they infuse people with happy weekend thoughts! In lieu of our Friday giddiness here is a Friday (or any day for that matter) perfect outfit. An outfit that can take you from day to night, work to play, relaxed to sophisticated, all in the blink of an eye, adding of a heel, & sparkle of a jewel.
Cheers! to easy dressing & the temperatures dropping ever so slightly: allowing us to possibly flirt with some of our new beloved fall fashions.
*Don't forget: this weekend only enjoy 20% off your entire fab'rik purchase at all Atlanta locations with proof of following us on either facebook or twitter* Another reason to love the weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls Rule... Boys Drool

We've all heard the expression, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". And I'm pretty sure all of us ladies could write a book of all the different times you've realized how incredibly true this statement is.
We've also all experienced this: you spend time getting all dolled up for your man & strut out into the living room in your knockout outfit-- or so you thought. He looks you up & down, and says "Where you wanna eat?" Of course, after you haven't gotten the reaction you were dreaming of-- "Babe, you look smokin hot! Love your outfit!"-- you are of course, a tad bit disappointed- practically rethinking your outfit.
A scenario along the same lines happened to me this morning. I was getting ready to head out to breakfast with 2 of my girlfriends & as I'm about to walk out the door my fiancé stops me & says, "You're going to wear those 2 things together? & what is that thing? (pointing at my pseudo-jacket)" There I was feeling super on trend (how do I even explain that to him?) mixing the military/edgy fall trend with the vintage/floral feel & was really thinking I had his this one out of the park. I almost went back to rummage through my closet, but I said to myself-- "Ange, you're not going to see him all day, you like what you're wearing, so just go with it."
So, off I went. When I got to J.Christopher's & met up with my friends, I was so immersed in our conversation of weddings & shopping I had long forgotten about my outfit dilemma. Until, Meredith looked at me and asked, "Whatcha wearing?" I took a deep breath and said, "Ummm.. this new floral Tulle jacket & our Blank cargo pants". She scooched her way around the booth to get a better look & exclaimed "OH my God! I LOVE IT! When did we get that in!??!?!" What a relief! The girls were freaking over my clever combination & loved the jacket!
Now I knew that I had hit a fashion home run.
I've come to the conclusion that guys will never truly understand the oxymorons of the fashion world & that two opposites can really attract. Or that loose billowy blouses ARE cute if you were them the right way & that we don't always have to wear skin tight mini skirts to look "HOT". What if I wanna look "cool"? Then I suppose you have to decide: are you dressing for the boys? or for the girls?

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bit More Personal...

If you aren't aware that Eat, Pray, Love-- based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best selling novel-- comes out today in theatres-- then you've been living under a rock! One woman's inspiring journey across Italy, India, & Indonesia has rocked souls all over the world.

The book has shifted women's perspectives on marriage, independence, religion, life, etc. In recent magazine articles we've read that some women have taken their very own Eat, Pray, Love journeys and rediscovered themselves.

In lieu of the movie's release today we asked some of our staff & franchisees what their very own Eat, Pray, Love symbols are in their lives. It's so interesting to see everyone's answers! We hope you enjoy getting to know some of us a little bit better!

Cheers! To hoping the movie is as good as the book! Although, Julia Roberts can do no wrong ;)

Dana (Fab'rik Founder):
Eat: Peanut butter ice cream w/peanut butter sauce.
Pray: Praying with the Haitian widows in the tent cities.
Love: Laughing so hard it hurts w/my sons.

Angélique (Midtown Manager):
Eat: Mom's homemade french fries.
Pray: La Savoie, France. & dancing.
Love: My fiancé & our families.

Meredith (City Walk Manager):
Eat: Sweet tea & almond joy.
Pray: My husband & family.
Love: My closet :).

Ally (Forum Manager):
Eat: One Midtown Kitchen.
Pray: Alone time.
Love: My fab'rik family.

Carla (City Walk Personal Stylist):
Eat: Picnic in the Park
Pray: Guardian angel.
Love: A dog's love.

Leslie (Fab'rik Austin owner):
Eat: Mexican food. I'm from TX so that means queso 2x a week!
Pray: Reading, running, & church.
Love: When my daughter comes up & hugs my legs & says "Hi mama", true love in that moment. Oh, & my husband too ;)

Brandon (Midtown personal stylist):
Eat: Italian cuisine paired w/a great glass of wine
Pray: To be the best me I can be
Love: Creation/discovery

Bree (Fab'rik Savannah-- coming soon!-- owner):
Eat: NYC's pasta & pizza; mama's homegrown veggies! YUM!
Pray: The beach! I always find my zen there watching God's masterpiece in front of me.
Love: Family & the special love for my son. No words can describe that feeling you get when thinking of the love for a child. It makes me at peace & utterly content.

Rebecca (City Walk personal stylist):
Eat: Tagalong girl scout cookies & milk
Pray: Being outdoors
Love: Laughing til I cry with friends

Melissa (Fab'rik Richmond & Carytown owner):
Eat: Food & Travel-- no matter where your travels take you, you always want to indulge in the best restaurants, that the little town, big city, or foreign country, that you are exploring has to offer.
Pray: Meditation & prayer-- God is ALWAYS available, even when you can't get anyone else on the phone.
Love: Self worth-- Loving yourself & the skin you're in paves a way in life for you to love others unconditionally.


Fall's Big O.

They are topping all of the magazines' top fall trend lists & all of the celebs are prancing around LA and NYC in them. But if you're like me-- a girl who was an avid jazz dancer for 15 years-- you have a hard time swallowing the concept of a jazz-like-shoe for anywhere besides the dance studio (don't even get me started on the velvet leotard trend I saw at market... hmmm).
Alas, I have succombed to the latest haute footwear find. Once I realized how practical they were-- just as versatile and as comfortable as flats-- I just had to give them a try. I have to confess, for only $26 a pop I could really get used to this! It's only August 9th & not even fall yet & I've already worn them multiple ways! You can style them with or without socks, with a cute flirty dress or don them with your favorite cropped pants, shorts, jeggings or skinny jeans to complete your very own very fashion savvy look.
Be the first of your friends to get 'em... because sooner than later everyone will be flaunting this new shoe craze!

Friday, July 30, 2010

J is for Jegging

William Rast $145

William Rast $155

While the 80s hyped up leggings, and the 90s preferred jeans, last fall we were introduced to a hybrid of the two: the Jegging. All of the ladies at fab'rik are HUGE fans of this highly talked about trend & we are commited to convincing everyone to jump on the jegging bandwagon as well.

What is a jegging you ask? It's a stretchy skinny pant but better. With the feel of a legging but the look of a jean: fool everyone who assumes you're wearing jeans when in fact you are beyond comfortable in your jeggings!

The key to wearing jeggings is to treat them just like you would a jean. The best part about jeggings in our opinion is that you won't have to worry anymore about your tops and tunics covering your backside: on most styles there are pockets taking care of all that!

Pair them with adorable flats, badass boots, or sexy stilletos to create a multitude of delicious outfits with the jegging as your key ingredient!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Relax, Just Do It!

What's better than skippin' out on work, visiting fabulous places-- pretty much taking a break from reality? We cant' think of many things-- well, a shopping spree would be nice...

Anyways-- while the act of vacationing, planning a getaway, sight seeing, eating out, etc. is a handful of fun, the prelimenary stages to your excursion process can be a tad bit overwhelming.

We're talking about packing. Every fashionista gets a tad bit overzealous when preparing for their next endeavor and we know just how easy it is to go from perfection to plethora in just a matter of seconds.

We suggest devising a game plan & asking yourself some key questions: What will I be doing while I'm there? How long will I be gone? What are the necessities?

Go ahead and pack your basics: camis, bras, undies (Hanky Pankys duh), toiletries (we love anything travel size), socks, & a basic workout outfit if you plan on hittin the gym. O yea, and pjs! Or not, if you're not into that ;)

What will I be doing while I'm there? If you're going on family vacay with the folks, we don't really think you'll need your Loubous & sexy city dress (but what if there's a party?! you ask-- improvise: bring a skinny jean & a top that can go from day to night by simply adding an accessory. This will allow you to pack less while getting more outfits out of it! (see pic ;)

Shoes. So tough. We're not super great at this ourselves, because come on: you might actually need 4 variations of black heels: strappy, closed toe, peep toe, wedge. But realistically, and federally, there are some weight restrictions we must keep in mind. Go for what correlates with your destination: for the city-- peep toe or strappy and for the beach-- strappy sandal or wedge.
If you know that you are having a nice dinner while you're there, the best and hardest option is to go ahead and plan in advance. Do something easy so that if plans, weather, etc. get in your way your outfit can transition to any given situation.

Hopefully our tips will remain helpful for any of your travels! Also, don't forget sunblock!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Days... Part Trois

Trend #3-- Neutrals

We love us some Stella (Yes-- Artois, but we're talkin about McCartney). Her clever combination of neutrals upon neutrals, allows you to be simultaneously seductive and modest. To the naked eye the various textures create a buff illusion.

Neutrals in all shades can flatter all skin tones: whether you feel more comfortable in a bronze vs. a nude, this is a must-have trend of the summer season in our books!

Rock this popular trend with some distressed denim and create a casual summer look!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Days: Part Deux

Welcome back! For the second installment of our Summer Trend series!

Trend #2 Florals

Yea, yea, we know-- it wouldn't really be summer if flowers weren't involved in some-way-shape-or-form. However, this season we appreciate the sense that florals are coming from all sorts of different angles: graphic, mini, girly, bold, soft, muted-- take your pick!
We were inspired by the way Rebecca Taylor used soft hues and floral prints in her s/s 2010 collection, pairing her always sweet & feminine looks with edgier, more structured pieces and jackets.

Rebecca's blush colored corset dress will run you $495, while our version is only $64. Take this summer staple with gladiator sandals now, then rock it again in a few months with a bomber and boots in the fall! We're always down for transitional trends!
More summer trends to come...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Days: Part Un

What better way to kick off fashion's favorite scantily-clad season than to countdown the top summer trends of 2010?
We are constantly inspired by looks designers send down the runway and love finding ways to incorporate their intricate trends into our real-life wardrobe. As much as we would love to wear a fully-sequined maxi dress paired with off-the-chart heels and an obnoxiously fabulous bold necklace, a la Carrie Bradshaw, we are realists and know that in this world of jeans and t-shirts we must-- sigh-- tone it down a notch.
Thus we have created a fool-proof summer regimen for all you fashionistas out there who are dying to try these knock out fashions, at a fraction of the cost, and for your everyday life.

Trend #1 -- Military Chic
Now, as much as we know you would totally be down with rockin this uber awesome Balmain look from s/s 2010, we also know that this little romper for only $62 would be more up everyone's ally ;) (Not to mention you would be donning two popular summer trends at once: rompers are still huge this season!)
Throw on some cute camel colored flats or heels to compliment the olive undertones of this style and you'll be set!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Trend #2....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking Over Atlanta, One Burger At A Time

We have a confession. While we are a calorie concious, fruit lovin, healthy eatin bunch of gals: We have an uber hard time resisting America's cuisine mascot: The Hamburger. Who doesn't love a mouthwatering, juicy burger? (Or veggie for some of you out there!) Well, if you're like us you'll be stoked to hear that in less than 24 hours Atlanta's new happenin' burger joint will be making its highly anticipated debut!

We're all about being the bleeding edge of anything new, fun, & delicious in the Atlanta-area, but we have to say that this particular new hangout-- located just minutes from our Midtown location-- YEAH! Burger is sure to become one of our new must-go-to eateries!

Grab some friends, head down to White Provision on Howell Mill & sink your teeth into loads of different burgers, shakes, fries... you name it! They've got it! Rock our cool & comfy lace ruffle top for a mere $34 and go check out this new west Midtown landmark.
Our mouths are salivating just thinkin' about it...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Everyone has that one item in their closet-- that when you're gazing into the oblivion for what seems like hours debating on your next wardrobe creation-- we all tend to migrate towards the one thing we always feel good in. You know what we're talking about: that one piece that once you slide it on you feel as if you can rule the world-- well, at least the social scene. For some it may be a certain pair of sexy stilettos- that make your legs look a million miles long. Others, its those curve hugging, bum boosting jeans that tickle your ego & add that extra pep in your step as you strut out the door. Of course, there is also the ever so popular little black dress, so simple & chic in its own right & can mold to any occasion or event.

For us, we can't get enough of our LBT: Little Black Top. That certain top that when you do throw it on with your finest pair of heels & designer denim you are the epitome of casual couture. This particular top, with an amazing open back & halter neck detail, is the perfect way to turn any ordinary outfit into something extra-ordinary. Your new go-to item won't break the bank, as its only $54!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bring Your A-Game

World Cup mayhem is about to take over our lives, men, & television sets for the next month. Our strategy? Use this global showdown to your advantage to peruse all of the batches of men gathering at local drinking hubs. This will also be a perfect chance for you to check out hot Brazilian soccer players-- uhmmm we mean keep up with the games. So brush up on your soccer knowledge & let the games begin!

Each ATL hotspot is sure to be chalk-full of hunnies, especially tomorrow for the USA vs. England match. Get them to turn their heads away from the game in this little number. For only $42, we're pretty confident all eyes will be on you.

Swarms of men will guarantee ample eye candy & allow you to meet your hot new summer accessory!

White Hot

This fashion faux-pas has been ingrained in our brains for years: you shouldn't dare wear white before Memorial Day. We had a hard time following this style rule this year, so we are pretty pumped that the fashion gods will now approve of us wearing our favorite summer hue!

Now that everyone's back to reality-- the extended weekend of lounging, sipping cocktails, & grillin' out has reached an end. What in the world do we have to look forward to now? The 4th of July seems light years away, so appease your need for a holiday & scoop up a hot white item for your summer wardrobe!

Go all out! Who doesn't love white shorts, shoes, or jeans? They are all winners, but we are seriously craving this $88 eyelet maxi dress! Take this summer hot trend by the reigns: add a denim jacket & some sandals & attack these next few summer months in style!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Make A Statement... Without Saying a Word

If you tuned into any of the Spring/Summer 2010 shows you couldn't have missed all of the non-stop bling and dazzle all of the designers featured. While we love sequins, embroideries, and a hint of flash, we couldn't take our eyes off all of the jewels...

Famous designers & brands such as Catherine Malandrino, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, among others sent their models trotting down the runways this season in a plethora of statement necklaces. These hot ticket items are a for sure way to glam up any outfit! Whether you are sporting just a white tank & jeans or dolled up in your most fabulous mini: a larger than life necklace is icing on the cake for any delicious outfit! Use your statement necklace to bring your entire look together or as an exclamation point for your outfit! You can't go wrong with these hard to miss items!

Scoop up any of our reasonable fashion goodies online & in stores! For a fraction of the cost of a designer sparkler you can rock these pieces and spice up your next ensemble!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sexy in the City

May the countdown officially begin... The anticipation of the sequel to the first Sex & The City movie for 2 years now has nearly reached its end! Who is ready to take in all of the stories, friendships, heart aches, cosmos, & of course fashion? Every click of a heel, sway of a dress, & bling of a jewel will have us all in sheer envy of Pat Field's creative fervor for style & our favorite four-some. Everyone will surely be on the edge of their seats drooling over her wild creations!

Who doesn't remember the first movie & how all the ladies in the theater were skillfully clad for the last premiere? Nothing less to be expected this time around, if anything we have a feeling ladies will bring their A-game at the movie theatres this weekend! Only a movie of this fashion caliber can intice party-worthy attire to sit & preview a movie! Need a jaw dropping dress to take in the cinematic cocktail party? For only $48 you can don our one-shouldered wonder: perfect it with a statement heel, bedazzling earrings, & a signature clutch to top it all off.

We can taste our cosmo now...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Fun Thursday!

Here at fab'rik we are all about starting the weekend early! We absolutely love Thursdays: why wait for Friday to commence end of week festivities? Whether it be margaritas with the girls or a sexy date night with our main squeeze, we are always up for a good time!

Lucky for us, this Thursday, May 20th, we have double the dose of fun, as two of our Atlanta locations are partying it up!

If you're in the mood for a real girl's night of cupcakes, champagne, and make up then you're in for a real treat at our City Walk/Sandy Springs location! Makeup specialists from J.Mont Makeup & Skincare Studio will be on site with tons of fun tips & tricks for perfecting your makeup routine!

Now, if you're all about mixing & mingling with some fellas while enjoying live music, wine, refreshments & extended hours (til 9pm) in the Shoppes Around Lenox then head to our Buckhead location to shop 'til the sun goes down!
How will we ever choose?
Both excellent options for an early weekend kickoff! Two events calls for two options! If you want to attend either event with a casual cool look check out our new tie-dyed maxi perfect for schmoozing. If you want to go for a fun & flirty look take on the night in our $58 floral mini! See ya tomorrow ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Morning Mojo

Monday mornings are never easy (especially after a weekend of sun, fun, shopping, dancing... you get the idea). This morning we did our usual twitter/facebook/blog stalking and noticed that Marie Claire was pondering ideas on how to perk up during Monday morning blues!

We know that when we're feeling down the best way to get our minds back on a positive note is to dress up: our motto is if you look good, you'll feel good! Especially when you are trading in a fun-filled weekend for an early wake up call, traffic, & a long line at Starbucks! So jump out of those sweatpants and conquer your Monday in a fool-proof outfit!

We are loving this new $92 striped blazer! Throw on a high-waisted skirt, a statement necklace, & some wedges & shimmy your way to the office!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wardrobe Bliss

One of our fab'rik girls is tying the knot in t-minus 2 days! & her pre-nuptial excitement has inspired today's blog! We already know the bride will look stunning in her dress (as any bride should). But, as guests, every wedding leads to the same bind: Oh, what to wear? Well, allow us to shed some light onto the subject, as there is no need to stand in your closet staring into oblivion while scouting endless options.

Fab'rik has picture perfect dresses ideal for any summer nuptial!
Throw on this $76 floral mini-- perfect for sipping champagne and burning up the dance floor! All you need to add is a jewel & some heels and you'll be ready to go!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Posh Nosh

Another spring weekend, another festival! This time around, it's in one of our favorite Atlanta neighborhoods! If you haven't ventured out to this trendy yet laid back nook of Atlanta you must get a Taste of the Highlands this Saturday May 15th starting at 2:00pm. While you may be over indulging into an extra couple (hundred) calories for the day, you can at least feel good about one thing: proceeds from this event benefit Children's Healthcare in Atlanta.

While you're nosh-ing on delicious local eats, look equally tasty in our $42 printed banded dress! Thanks to the elastic band, we know we can get away with our few extra morsels of goodness!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Graphic Designer

"Print, print, print!"

While this may sound like your technologically-UNadvanced boss's daily gripe, we're actually talking about clothes here. So instead of taking a bat to that darn printer Office Space-style, might we suggest you take a swing at the so-hot-right-now tribal prints trend that are sweeping runways across the globe?

From Jimmy Choo to Diane von Furstenberg, spring and summer collections (clothing, accessories and beyond!) are including more and more tribal prints, paying homage to the "social safari" that is your life!

If you're scared of straying from your basic black, try incorporating the trend subtly with a pair of graphic platforms, like these for $36. We'd sport these with some rolled up khakis, a loose, half-tucked white button-down and a chunky necklace to top off the trend.

Why not test out this global goodness at Fernbank Museum's Martinis & IMAX tonight? Sippin' in style never tasted so good!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shake It, Shake It Baby!

Shake it like a salt shaker...shake it like a Polaroid picture...shake it like a can of soup (last one's Otis Redding - look it up! Google it! We swear!)

But "Shake at the Lake"? If you haven't heard of that, you need to lend us your ears and figure out "where for art thou" should be this weekend. From May 5 - May 9, Georgia Shakespeare will be performing a Midsummer Night's Dream at Lake Clara Meer Lawn...for free! Just grab a wristband from Piedmont Park Visitor's Center at the 12th street entrance the morning of the show's performance, and you're in like...Oberon (might wanna google that one too while you're at it).

Just think - romantic ruffles. Sweet stripes. No, no, we're not talking about 16th century-inspired costumes here. We're talking about your outfit of choice to accompany your Romeo to the performance this weekend. For $44, wow the William wannabees with this flirtatious frock. You'll be a "midspring night's dream" to all who see you, and all the girls will want "to be" (you can forget "or not to be") you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in Black

Wearing all black is like throwing on a baller gold just INSTANTLY makes you look chic, put together and...let's be frank...pretty badass. No one quite exemplifies the term "badass" better than Kelly Cutrone, founder of the branding, marketing and PR firm Peoples Revolution. With a resume and list of clients to die for, "Kell on Earth" has the tenacity we all could learn from when we're feeling a little wimpy. In fact, we DID learn from Ms. Cutrone last night when she graced Savannah College of Art & Design (ATL) for a SCAD Style Week lecture about working hard and getting what you want out of work and in life.

That's our girl, Angelique, getting Kelly to sign a copy of her book If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You !

In honor of "Kell on Peachtree", we thought we'd feature a few of our basic black stunners. Who knows, maybe you'll look in the mirror and find a toughness that you didn't see before.

How about this black embroidered tunic, only $48? Pair it with chic leggings, heels and a belt for work, and you'll be well on your way to feeling confident and cool, even if you're stuck in a cubicle. But break free at quittin' time with some killer cutoff shorts and gladiator sandals!

Feelin' a bit breezier? Why not give this $72 boho-luxe maxi dress a look? Paired with a chunky belt and perhaps a simple blazer or bolero, you'll be a haute topic at the conference table! Thanks to Kelly's advice, you can find yourself FIERCE & FASHIONABLE, and you can find your clothes at fab'rik!

Check out more celebs from the fashion industry at SCAD Style week, happening now through May 6 at both Savannah and Atlanta campuses.