Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls Rule... Boys Drool

We've all heard the expression, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus". And I'm pretty sure all of us ladies could write a book of all the different times you've realized how incredibly true this statement is.
We've also all experienced this: you spend time getting all dolled up for your man & strut out into the living room in your knockout outfit-- or so you thought. He looks you up & down, and says "Where you wanna eat?" Of course, after you haven't gotten the reaction you were dreaming of-- "Babe, you look smokin hot! Love your outfit!"-- you are of course, a tad bit disappointed- practically rethinking your outfit.
A scenario along the same lines happened to me this morning. I was getting ready to head out to breakfast with 2 of my girlfriends & as I'm about to walk out the door my fiancé stops me & says, "You're going to wear those 2 things together? & what is that thing? (pointing at my pseudo-jacket)" There I was feeling super on trend (how do I even explain that to him?) mixing the military/edgy fall trend with the vintage/floral feel & was really thinking I had his this one out of the park. I almost went back to rummage through my closet, but I said to myself-- "Ange, you're not going to see him all day, you like what you're wearing, so just go with it."
So, off I went. When I got to J.Christopher's & met up with my friends, I was so immersed in our conversation of weddings & shopping I had long forgotten about my outfit dilemma. Until, Meredith looked at me and asked, "Whatcha wearing?" I took a deep breath and said, "Ummm.. this new floral Tulle jacket & our Blank cargo pants". She scooched her way around the booth to get a better look & exclaimed "OH my God! I LOVE IT! When did we get that in!??!?!" What a relief! The girls were freaking over my clever combination & loved the jacket!
Now I knew that I had hit a fashion home run.
I've come to the conclusion that guys will never truly understand the oxymorons of the fashion world & that two opposites can really attract. Or that loose billowy blouses ARE cute if you were them the right way & that we don't always have to wear skin tight mini skirts to look "HOT". What if I wanna look "cool"? Then I suppose you have to decide: are you dressing for the boys? or for the girls?


Tiffany Talk said...

I'm with you Angelique!! This sort of thing happens to me too! And PS I love the clever combo! We just got the floral jackets in today!

Fab'rik Macon

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