Friday, July 30, 2010

J is for Jegging

William Rast $145

William Rast $155

While the 80s hyped up leggings, and the 90s preferred jeans, last fall we were introduced to a hybrid of the two: the Jegging. All of the ladies at fab'rik are HUGE fans of this highly talked about trend & we are commited to convincing everyone to jump on the jegging bandwagon as well.

What is a jegging you ask? It's a stretchy skinny pant but better. With the feel of a legging but the look of a jean: fool everyone who assumes you're wearing jeans when in fact you are beyond comfortable in your jeggings!

The key to wearing jeggings is to treat them just like you would a jean. The best part about jeggings in our opinion is that you won't have to worry anymore about your tops and tunics covering your backside: on most styles there are pockets taking care of all that!

Pair them with adorable flats, badass boots, or sexy stilletos to create a multitude of delicious outfits with the jegging as your key ingredient!


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