Friday, July 16, 2010

Relax, Just Do It!

What's better than skippin' out on work, visiting fabulous places-- pretty much taking a break from reality? We cant' think of many things-- well, a shopping spree would be nice...

Anyways-- while the act of vacationing, planning a getaway, sight seeing, eating out, etc. is a handful of fun, the prelimenary stages to your excursion process can be a tad bit overwhelming.

We're talking about packing. Every fashionista gets a tad bit overzealous when preparing for their next endeavor and we know just how easy it is to go from perfection to plethora in just a matter of seconds.

We suggest devising a game plan & asking yourself some key questions: What will I be doing while I'm there? How long will I be gone? What are the necessities?

Go ahead and pack your basics: camis, bras, undies (Hanky Pankys duh), toiletries (we love anything travel size), socks, & a basic workout outfit if you plan on hittin the gym. O yea, and pjs! Or not, if you're not into that ;)

What will I be doing while I'm there? If you're going on family vacay with the folks, we don't really think you'll need your Loubous & sexy city dress (but what if there's a party?! you ask-- improvise: bring a skinny jean & a top that can go from day to night by simply adding an accessory. This will allow you to pack less while getting more outfits out of it! (see pic ;)

Shoes. So tough. We're not super great at this ourselves, because come on: you might actually need 4 variations of black heels: strappy, closed toe, peep toe, wedge. But realistically, and federally, there are some weight restrictions we must keep in mind. Go for what correlates with your destination: for the city-- peep toe or strappy and for the beach-- strappy sandal or wedge.
If you know that you are having a nice dinner while you're there, the best and hardest option is to go ahead and plan in advance. Do something easy so that if plans, weather, etc. get in your way your outfit can transition to any given situation.

Hopefully our tips will remain helpful for any of your travels! Also, don't forget sunblock!


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