Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Days... Part Trois

Trend #3-- Neutrals

We love us some Stella (Yes-- Artois, but we're talkin about McCartney). Her clever combination of neutrals upon neutrals, allows you to be simultaneously seductive and modest. To the naked eye the various textures create a buff illusion.

Neutrals in all shades can flatter all skin tones: whether you feel more comfortable in a bronze vs. a nude, this is a must-have trend of the summer season in our books!

Rock this popular trend with some distressed denim and create a casual summer look!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Days: Part Deux

Welcome back! For the second installment of our Summer Trend series!

Trend #2 Florals

Yea, yea, we know-- it wouldn't really be summer if flowers weren't involved in some-way-shape-or-form. However, this season we appreciate the sense that florals are coming from all sorts of different angles: graphic, mini, girly, bold, soft, muted-- take your pick!
We were inspired by the way Rebecca Taylor used soft hues and floral prints in her s/s 2010 collection, pairing her always sweet & feminine looks with edgier, more structured pieces and jackets.

Rebecca's blush colored corset dress will run you $495, while our version is only $64. Take this summer staple with gladiator sandals now, then rock it again in a few months with a bomber and boots in the fall! We're always down for transitional trends!
More summer trends to come...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Days: Part Un

What better way to kick off fashion's favorite scantily-clad season than to countdown the top summer trends of 2010?
We are constantly inspired by looks designers send down the runway and love finding ways to incorporate their intricate trends into our real-life wardrobe. As much as we would love to wear a fully-sequined maxi dress paired with off-the-chart heels and an obnoxiously fabulous bold necklace, a la Carrie Bradshaw, we are realists and know that in this world of jeans and t-shirts we must-- sigh-- tone it down a notch.
Thus we have created a fool-proof summer regimen for all you fashionistas out there who are dying to try these knock out fashions, at a fraction of the cost, and for your everyday life.

Trend #1 -- Military Chic
Now, as much as we know you would totally be down with rockin this uber awesome Balmain look from s/s 2010, we also know that this little romper for only $62 would be more up everyone's ally ;) (Not to mention you would be donning two popular summer trends at once: rompers are still huge this season!)
Throw on some cute camel colored flats or heels to compliment the olive undertones of this style and you'll be set!

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for Trend #2....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking Over Atlanta, One Burger At A Time

We have a confession. While we are a calorie concious, fruit lovin, healthy eatin bunch of gals: We have an uber hard time resisting America's cuisine mascot: The Hamburger. Who doesn't love a mouthwatering, juicy burger? (Or veggie for some of you out there!) Well, if you're like us you'll be stoked to hear that in less than 24 hours Atlanta's new happenin' burger joint will be making its highly anticipated debut!

We're all about being the bleeding edge of anything new, fun, & delicious in the Atlanta-area, but we have to say that this particular new hangout-- located just minutes from our Midtown location-- YEAH! Burger is sure to become one of our new must-go-to eateries!

Grab some friends, head down to White Provision on Howell Mill & sink your teeth into loads of different burgers, shakes, fries... you name it! They've got it! Rock our cool & comfy lace ruffle top for a mere $34 and go check out this new west Midtown landmark.
Our mouths are salivating just thinkin' about it...

Friday, June 4, 2010


Everyone has that one item in their closet-- that when you're gazing into the oblivion for what seems like hours debating on your next wardrobe creation-- we all tend to migrate towards the one thing we always feel good in. You know what we're talking about: that one piece that once you slide it on you feel as if you can rule the world-- well, at least the social scene. For some it may be a certain pair of sexy stilettos- that make your legs look a million miles long. Others, its those curve hugging, bum boosting jeans that tickle your ego & add that extra pep in your step as you strut out the door. Of course, there is also the ever so popular little black dress, so simple & chic in its own right & can mold to any occasion or event.

For us, we can't get enough of our LBT: Little Black Top. That certain top that when you do throw it on with your finest pair of heels & designer denim you are the epitome of casual couture. This particular top, with an amazing open back & halter neck detail, is the perfect way to turn any ordinary outfit into something extra-ordinary. Your new go-to item won't break the bank, as its only $54!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bring Your A-Game

World Cup mayhem is about to take over our lives, men, & television sets for the next month. Our strategy? Use this global showdown to your advantage to peruse all of the batches of men gathering at local drinking hubs. This will also be a perfect chance for you to check out hot Brazilian soccer players-- uhmmm we mean keep up with the games. So brush up on your soccer knowledge & let the games begin!

Each ATL hotspot is sure to be chalk-full of hunnies, especially tomorrow for the USA vs. England match. Get them to turn their heads away from the game in this little number. For only $42, we're pretty confident all eyes will be on you.

Swarms of men will guarantee ample eye candy & allow you to meet your hot new summer accessory!

White Hot

This fashion faux-pas has been ingrained in our brains for years: you shouldn't dare wear white before Memorial Day. We had a hard time following this style rule this year, so we are pretty pumped that the fashion gods will now approve of us wearing our favorite summer hue!

Now that everyone's back to reality-- the extended weekend of lounging, sipping cocktails, & grillin' out has reached an end. What in the world do we have to look forward to now? The 4th of July seems light years away, so appease your need for a holiday & scoop up a hot white item for your summer wardrobe!

Go all out! Who doesn't love white shorts, shoes, or jeans? They are all winners, but we are seriously craving this $88 eyelet maxi dress! Take this summer hot trend by the reigns: add a denim jacket & some sandals & attack these next few summer months in style!