Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back in Black

Wearing all black is like throwing on a baller gold just INSTANTLY makes you look chic, put together and...let's be frank...pretty badass. No one quite exemplifies the term "badass" better than Kelly Cutrone, founder of the branding, marketing and PR firm Peoples Revolution. With a resume and list of clients to die for, "Kell on Earth" has the tenacity we all could learn from when we're feeling a little wimpy. In fact, we DID learn from Ms. Cutrone last night when she graced Savannah College of Art & Design (ATL) for a SCAD Style Week lecture about working hard and getting what you want out of work and in life.

That's our girl, Angelique, getting Kelly to sign a copy of her book If You Have to Cry Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You !

In honor of "Kell on Peachtree", we thought we'd feature a few of our basic black stunners. Who knows, maybe you'll look in the mirror and find a toughness that you didn't see before.

How about this black embroidered tunic, only $48? Pair it with chic leggings, heels and a belt for work, and you'll be well on your way to feeling confident and cool, even if you're stuck in a cubicle. But break free at quittin' time with some killer cutoff shorts and gladiator sandals!

Feelin' a bit breezier? Why not give this $72 boho-luxe maxi dress a look? Paired with a chunky belt and perhaps a simple blazer or bolero, you'll be a haute topic at the conference table! Thanks to Kelly's advice, you can find yourself FIERCE & FASHIONABLE, and you can find your clothes at fab'rik!

Check out more celebs from the fashion industry at SCAD Style week, happening now through May 6 at both Savannah and Atlanta campuses.


Tiffany Talk said...

I am hating that I missed Kelly Cutrone! Glad you girls got to see her! PS evvvveryone is loving the black boho-luxe maxi dress!

Tiffany (Fab'rik Macon)

Genna Harris said...

Hi Tiffany! We only have one of the maxi dress at our Buckhead store too! All the glam AND all the comfort you could ask for! Hope all is well in Macon, and congrats on the new store!

Genna (fab'rik Buckhead!)

Ashley J said...

Genna-so glad you saw the post I did yesterday on your store! I was really excited to find it online and had to share with everyone. I became a follower!

Tiffany Talk said...

Hi Genna! Thanks for the well wishes, we are excited to be on board!

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