Friday, June 4, 2010


Everyone has that one item in their closet-- that when you're gazing into the oblivion for what seems like hours debating on your next wardrobe creation-- we all tend to migrate towards the one thing we always feel good in. You know what we're talking about: that one piece that once you slide it on you feel as if you can rule the world-- well, at least the social scene. For some it may be a certain pair of sexy stilettos- that make your legs look a million miles long. Others, its those curve hugging, bum boosting jeans that tickle your ego & add that extra pep in your step as you strut out the door. Of course, there is also the ever so popular little black dress, so simple & chic in its own right & can mold to any occasion or event.

For us, we can't get enough of our LBT: Little Black Top. That certain top that when you do throw it on with your finest pair of heels & designer denim you are the epitome of casual couture. This particular top, with an amazing open back & halter neck detail, is the perfect way to turn any ordinary outfit into something extra-ordinary. Your new go-to item won't break the bank, as its only $54!


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