Friday, September 24, 2010

Denim 101

I am a self-professed denim girl: I'd rather be in jeans & a cute top any day over a dress. However, knowing my friends as well as my customers I realize that I'm actually the exception to the rule. Most girls love dresses & I could never figure out why I didn't feel the same. Jeans are challenging-- maybe I like the challenge?-- the right length, cut, fit & of course, the best boost for your caboose! I spend hours helping women of all shapes, ages, & sizes find the perfect jean & I can say that overall: women loathe the process. I personally hate bathing suit shopping (who does though?) but some women out there hate, with a capital H, looking for jeans.
So, I have decided to gather a few tips & tricks from magazines & personal experience that will hopefully facilitate the process for those of you out there that cringe at the thought of denim shopping.
-boot cut- style that skims the thigh & has a slight flare at the leg opening; balances proportions & creates the illusion of longer legs
-skinny- style with a close fit through the leg; great for tucking into boots
-flare leg- fitted through the seat, thigh & knee & then flared at the leg opening
-straight leg- traditional cut with a straight, narrow leg that does not flare at the leg opening
-jegging- the 2010 jean; fits like a skinny jean & feels like leggings

We have a rule at fab'rik- buy the size the smallest size you can button. I know, sounds crazy & not very comfortable (if you could only see the look on some of my customers faces when I tell them this) but the truth is that denim is a variation of cotton & well cotton/denim stretches. You will look like a hot mess in your baggy jeans if you give in & buy the bigger size. Trust me, I've been foolish enough to not take my own advice & I regret it each & every single time I have that certain pair of ill-fitting jeans on.

Different Body Shape, Different Jean
-To overall slim: jeans where the side seam curves to the front will narrow any silhouette
-To camouflage the tummy: high-waisted jeans are always great for belly conscious gals
-The dreaded love handles: mid-rise jeans like Joes, Citizens, etc. that right about 8 to 8.5 inches from top to bottom
-Wide hips: Jeans that are more of a high rise--without being a mom jean--that hit an inch below the belly button will eliminate the waist gap, which is often the problem for the pear-shaped ladies. Also, steer clear of tight ankles, which can make your legs look like drumsticks!
-Petite & Curvy: The best fit for the cute & compact is hands down the Joe's Provocateurs. This style really compliments an hourglass petite silhouette, as they are designed with more room in the thighs & butt. They also have a shorter inseam & boot cut leg that won't chop off at the ankle or shorten thicker thighs.
-Tall & Curvy: Denim with monochromatic stitching doesn't draw attention to thick thighs or bottoms. Also, we suggest long flared jeans (like Rock & Republic) that are snug through the thigh to accentuate the long gams.
-Boy Figure: Women with angular hips need jeans that rest on the pelvic bone, to reduce the extra fabric. Make sure to avoid casual, slouchy jeans: these will only make you appear more box shaped.
-Full Figure: If the back pockets on the jeans are too far apart, they tend to only draw more attention to the backside and can make hips look wider. Paige Laurel Canyon jeans have a slightly wider flare (20 inches) which balances out the hips.
-Boosting a Flat Romp: Rounded pocket edges create the illusion of a nice shaped apple bottom versus a pancake! We love the Hudson standard boot cut.
-Defying Gravity: In order to draw the viewer's eye up, wear jeans with flap pockets that are high on the rear. Also, jeans that are more fitted through the knee make the tush look perkier!

Extra Tips
-Too much distressing in the wrong place can draw attention to a trouble spot, but a little hint of it in a favorable area that you wish to accentuate will allow your jeans to have that perfect worn in look
-To create the illusion of thinner thighs, a darker wash tends to be the most flattering
Of course, as you already know, you can always stop by any fab'rik & have your very own denim guru help you find the best jean for your denim desires!


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