Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rae of Light

I'll go ahead & call myself out on this blog-- I am totally 100% biased. While I do love all things that I blog about: fab'rik, jeggings, shoes, weddings, etc. I can't even begin to describe in words how much I love today's subject: Savannah Rae.
Last Friday night was such a special evening for us fab'rik ladies. One of our very own, Amanda Wheeler, debuted her fashion line at our midtown store. We had a full-on launch party & fashion show, showcasing the Savannah Rae brand for all the world to see! Friends, family, customers, gathered on October 22nd to be the first to see, try on, & buy the easy to wear line.
Imagine, pieces that you can wear tons of different ways: with leggings, jeans, tights, boots, heels, jackets, cardigans: all of the Savannah Rae items can be combined with multiple combinations to create versatile outfits for your everyday wardrobe! They all fit the fab'rik requirements: trendy, fashionable, & of course-- all under $100!
Amanda-- We are so incredibly proud of you! We love your clothes! & we are having the best time helping other women fall in love with them as well :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall in Love

One of my best friends is walking down the aisle this weekend :) For this particular wedding I got lucky: all I have to do is slide on my bridesmaid's dress but for those of you that are attending fall weddings as guests... here's a little crash course!
Shopping for weddings in general is always very tricky. We've already discussed this subject once before. However, each season is a new monster in the wedding attire world & fall seems to be the most challenging of all. The weather is so unpredictable (hello, it was 50 degrees last week & 85 this week!) & depending on the time of the wedding, you can get a real headache weighing out all of your viable options.
Basic Black-- I know, I know you're not attending a funeral. However, if you're attending a fall wedding in the evening this is your best and safest bet. It will allow you to accessorize according to the occasion & of course can be worn on various other occasions!
Fall Hues-- A given. But anything in the browns, plums, taupes, rust colors is always so beautiful when the leaves are changing.
Layers-- See what summer dresses you can wear with either a cardigan or tights to make a summery dress translate well into the fall months. Even think wraps, shawls, capes, & scarves to help you take your look year round.
Layers, more specifically: Blazers-- Use this classic piece every girl should have in their closet to not only make a look more conservative (especially for a church ceremony) but to stay warm if the temperature drops after the sun goes down! Cocktail-- If you're attending an after 5 wedding, any sort of cocktail dress (not to revealing or short of course) is a perfect option! Throw on a cute pump or bootie & you're ready to go!
Timing is everything-- The actual time the ceremony is taking place is the key factor to determining attire for any wedding. A cute skirt & cardigan combo is perfect for an afternoon wedding while a dressier option is most suitable for evening.

Fab'rik City Walk manager Meredith & her husband Rob at a fall wedding this past weekend! Meredith's wearing one of our many fab'rik dresses! Only $72.