Monday, May 24, 2010

Sexy in the City

May the countdown officially begin... The anticipation of the sequel to the first Sex & The City movie for 2 years now has nearly reached its end! Who is ready to take in all of the stories, friendships, heart aches, cosmos, & of course fashion? Every click of a heel, sway of a dress, & bling of a jewel will have us all in sheer envy of Pat Field's creative fervor for style & our favorite four-some. Everyone will surely be on the edge of their seats drooling over her wild creations!

Who doesn't remember the first movie & how all the ladies in the theater were skillfully clad for the last premiere? Nothing less to be expected this time around, if anything we have a feeling ladies will bring their A-game at the movie theatres this weekend! Only a movie of this fashion caliber can intice party-worthy attire to sit & preview a movie! Need a jaw dropping dress to take in the cinematic cocktail party? For only $48 you can don our one-shouldered wonder: perfect it with a statement heel, bedazzling earrings, & a signature clutch to top it all off.

We can taste our cosmo now...


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