Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bit More Personal...

If you aren't aware that Eat, Pray, Love-- based on Elizabeth Gilbert's best selling novel-- comes out today in theatres-- then you've been living under a rock! One woman's inspiring journey across Italy, India, & Indonesia has rocked souls all over the world.

The book has shifted women's perspectives on marriage, independence, religion, life, etc. In recent magazine articles we've read that some women have taken their very own Eat, Pray, Love journeys and rediscovered themselves.

In lieu of the movie's release today we asked some of our staff & franchisees what their very own Eat, Pray, Love symbols are in their lives. It's so interesting to see everyone's answers! We hope you enjoy getting to know some of us a little bit better!

Cheers! To hoping the movie is as good as the book! Although, Julia Roberts can do no wrong ;)

Dana (Fab'rik Founder):
Eat: Peanut butter ice cream w/peanut butter sauce.
Pray: Praying with the Haitian widows in the tent cities.
Love: Laughing so hard it hurts w/my sons.

Angélique (Midtown Manager):
Eat: Mom's homemade french fries.
Pray: La Savoie, France. & dancing.
Love: My fiancé & our families.

Meredith (City Walk Manager):
Eat: Sweet tea & almond joy.
Pray: My husband & family.
Love: My closet :).

Ally (Forum Manager):
Eat: One Midtown Kitchen.
Pray: Alone time.
Love: My fab'rik family.

Carla (City Walk Personal Stylist):
Eat: Picnic in the Park
Pray: Guardian angel.
Love: A dog's love.

Leslie (Fab'rik Austin owner):
Eat: Mexican food. I'm from TX so that means queso 2x a week!
Pray: Reading, running, & church.
Love: When my daughter comes up & hugs my legs & says "Hi mama", true love in that moment. Oh, & my husband too ;)

Brandon (Midtown personal stylist):
Eat: Italian cuisine paired w/a great glass of wine
Pray: To be the best me I can be
Love: Creation/discovery

Bree (Fab'rik Savannah-- coming soon!-- owner):
Eat: NYC's pasta & pizza; mama's homegrown veggies! YUM!
Pray: The beach! I always find my zen there watching God's masterpiece in front of me.
Love: Family & the special love for my son. No words can describe that feeling you get when thinking of the love for a child. It makes me at peace & utterly content.

Rebecca (City Walk personal stylist):
Eat: Tagalong girl scout cookies & milk
Pray: Being outdoors
Love: Laughing til I cry with friends

Melissa (Fab'rik Richmond & Carytown owner):
Eat: Food & Travel-- no matter where your travels take you, you always want to indulge in the best restaurants, that the little town, big city, or foreign country, that you are exploring has to offer.
Pray: Meditation & prayer-- God is ALWAYS available, even when you can't get anyone else on the phone.
Love: Self worth-- Loving yourself & the skin you're in paves a way in life for you to love others unconditionally.



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