Monday, January 31, 2011

All That SwAG...

Monique Lhullier
Chanel Haute Couture
Carolina Herrera
Oscar de la Renta

Louis Vuitton
Roberto Cavalli
Alexander McQueen
Hervé Leroux
Oscar de la Renta

Ah! Ladies we are 2 for 2 so far this award show season: the Globes and now the SAG Awards did not disappoint. While one didn't necessarily need to tune in to find out who the winners were (practically carbon-copies of the Globes) you did need to get a good glimpse of the red carpet, because almost all the ladies struck different chords last night. To understand the Red Carpet at the Globes, one must know that it's a whole different ball game as far as fashion is concerned, this is a ceremony where the stars unite as fellow actors honoring their peers: this allows for a more laid back fashions & possibly more risks.

Cupcake Queen
I figured this time I would start with my least favorite and save the best for last! Winona, wherever you stole that look you need to bring it back immediately. The dress: too poofy, too bridal, & just not pretty. And then I realized that it really is an actual wedding dress from Alberta Ferretti's 2011 collection. To my knowledge this is a first time for the red carpet, & hopefully the last. (Even though I would totally dye Angie Harmon's Monique Lhuillier confection in a heart beat to wear as a wedding dress ;) I don't quite understand the random black handbag-- something more soft & neutral would have been more appropriate. And the hair? Was just icing on the cake.

A For Effort
There were a few looks last night that while I wasn't swooning over them I definitely loved the look & thought they looked great. It's especially hard to remain unbiased during these shows when you've seen the ladies rock another look in the past that you thought was phenomenal & then see them the next year just looking okay. Glee's Lea Michele for example, I have no complaints or bad things to say about her Oscar de la Renta sparkler but having absolutely fallen in the love with her plunging Malandrino gown for last year... I was expecting more. But appreciate the entire look, especially what she chose to do with her hair.
Nude, one shouldered, & jeweled in music to my ears, however when the nude color blends in with your skin it's not so much my favorite. Someone with Halle Berry's skin tone would have rocked Hilary Swank's Versace gown, but on her it seemed a little too muted. We've all seen her do wonders on the red carpet so this look didn't speak to me like priors have.

The Kids Are All White
A major trend on the red carpet last night was definitely white hot. Natalie, Amy, Winona & Lea all opted for the neutral tone. Natalie's growing baby bump looked adorable in her strapless Azzaro gown & Amy Adams looked to glamorous in her Hervé Leroux silhouette.

Color My World
Another plus from last night, was the elaborate use of color. Prints, stripes, & solids kept us all on our toes. My favorite of the night, Mila Kunis donned a show-stopping Alexander McQueen gown. Her effortless hair matched her free flowing gown perfectly. I loved how it was cinched at the waist with a matching belt (another trend of the evening). Red carpet newbie & nominee, Hailee Steinfield looked adorable in her fun loving striped Prada gown. So far she has done an excellent job looking age appropriate and sophisticated all at the same time. Sofia Veragara yet again showed off her killer curves in a plunging Roberto Cavalli creation in cobalt blue & her mini co-star, Sarah Hyland, donned a gorgeous rust colored Max Azria dress. All the ladies were glowing in their respective colors!
Belt It Out
As I mentioned before, accentuating the waistline was a huge trend last night. Ladies were switching up a straighter silhouette for something that showed off their curves. Jennifer Lawrence opted for a black velvet belt (not my favorite, definitely liked the sparkling belt Oscar sent it down the runway with) and black accessories to pop against the hot pink gown. Mila's McQueen dress came with a matching belt, as well as Claire Danes' breathtaking Louis Vuitton gown. I loved the way the black & teal scalloped together to create such an amazing shape on her. While Rosario Dawson's dress didn't have a true belt, she personified that a wrap waist dress always does wonders for the figure & the pale hue looked remarkable on her skintone.
Thinking Outside of the Box
I still remember as a teenager seeing Julie Bowen in Neutrogena commercials and thinking "Wow, that woman is so beautiful." I'm so happy that she has a hit show that allows us to see her doing more than just washing her face. I love the risk of this outfit-- not to mention how well it fits her. I'm a huge fan of Malandrino & don't think it's worn enough to big time events like these. She looked so elegant & sophisticated in her pantsuit & I really appreciate her taking a fashion step that is usally done wrong.
I understand if you don't agree but I really think the Carolina Herrera gown January Jones wore to the show was a masterpiece and exudes sophistication. Only someone as fashion forward as she could pull something like this with such grace.
Julia Stiles has had some hits & misses on the red carpet, but last night the Dexter actress rocked an ombre Monique Lhullier gown likes nobody's business. Thumbs up for trying something different!
The short of it? I loved Dianna Agron's Chanel Haute Couture tea-length dress. She showed everyone how this season's hot hemline is done!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Belle!

Whenever in doubt, a blouse is your best friend :) Throw on with jeans & heels are you're golden!
Perfect with leggings & boots!
Lovely when paired with a cardigan or bomber jacket. Will transition into spring!!
I'm a sucker for ruffles. Love that this vest will instantly dress up your look!
For all you ladies who love dresses! It has a gorgeous butterfly cut out in the back!

Today's blog is inspired by my birthday! The big 25! And like most ladies out there, I want to look super cute this weekend while fete-ing with my friends! Each year I always have a hard time finding something seasonally appropriate especially since all the adorable spring items are starting to make their way into stores in this 40 degree weather!
For anyone who has a birthday in the near future, a bridal shower of their own, or your engagement party I have gathered a few haute pieces we have in at the moment that will make any girl shine! All pieces I chose are based off my own personal style-- never look like you're trying to hard ;) and layering is key! Especially this time of year!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sale Sale Sale!

It's baaaaaaaack! Yes the ever-so-famous Boutique Warehouse Sale has reclaimed its old stomping ground above Z Gallery in Atlantic Station.
We have moved all of our sale items-- racks and racks of goodies all under $40, all under $20 shoes, as well as buy-one-get-one-free jeans-- over to the shopping center for today and tomorrow's sale.
While you're there you can peruse our fashions as well as copious amounts of clothing, accessories, & shoes from other Georgia boutiques!
Happy shopping Atlanta!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.... ;)

Olivia Wilde-Marchesa
Mila Kunis-Vera Wang
Michelle Williams-- Valentino
Leighton Meester-- Burberry
Angelina Jolie-- Versace
Jennifer Love Hewitt-- Romona Keveza
Carrie Underwood-- Badgley Mischka
Sandra Bullock-- Jenni Packman
Claire Danes-- Calvin Klein
Megan Fox-- Armani Privé; Brian Atwood shoes
Emma Stone-- Calvin Klein
Anne Hathaway-- Armani Privé
Anyone who knows me can tell you I have a few favorite pleasures in life: sequins, popcorn, the French Alps, Tory Burch flats-- to name a few. However, my all time favorite moments on television can be described in 3 words: award show season. My first college roommates have all witnessed the amount of joy I feel the morning of an awards' show-- I've even been known to go into song expressing my delight in anticipation of the evening: actresses yearning to leave their stamp on red carpet history. The glitz, the glamour, the fluff, the hair, the jewels, the tulle-- all coalescing together to form gowns & looks to be remembered for years!
Last night did not disappoint. After years of yawning at a sea of strapless dresses & seen-before looks, the ladies were out to make a statement at the 68th Annual Golden Globes. While the men had their football us ladies enjoyed the fashion playoffs being displayed as each gown made its way down one of the world's most famous runways. Pops of color, open backs, & sparkle always makes for an interesting night!
Best Dressed
I had a hard time narrowing down this year because I had a lot of looks I really enjoyed: Olivia Wilde in a dazzling chocolate Marchesa gown, Angelina's stylish Versace number, Claire Danes in a hot backless Calvin Klein, & Mila Kunis in a one-shouldered Vera Wang.
If I have to pick I was only able to narrow it down to two. From the awards' show vets I pick Anne Hathaway (with Rachel Zoe on her side she really can do no wrong). I can't begin to explain how much I love this dress other than: I want it. The gaga-esque shoulders, plunging back, wavy hair, neutral tone, & sequins all came together for one of the most flawless looks of the evening. Second, from the pack of newbies swarming the carpet I would have to choose Emma Stone, who if you saw her quirkiness in Easy A you wouldn't have necessarily pinpointed her as a fashion maven. Boy was I wrong. Her Calvin Klein number stole my heart (I covet it as well.. probably more practical than Anne's Armani number). The structured short sleeves, perfect open back, & coral color was a all-around-awesome combination for the fledgling actress.
Best in Shoe
No one can ignore the crystal encrusted Brian Atwood stunners Megan Fox was rocking with her blush colored Armani Prive dress-- had to point them out!
Least Fave
I couldn't resist because at this point she's so easy to pick on, but nominee Helena Bonham Carter even admitted herself she was dressing to please her 12 year old.. which needless to say probably doesn't do her any favors. While I have a growing appreciation for designer Vivienne Westwood's funky prints & silhouettes-- I think they are better suited for the runway & editorials versus red carpets.
Jennifer Love Hewitt. Why do you continue to do this to me? I can only say: prom & too much.
And I have to mention Lea Michelle's bubble-gum pink Oscar de la Renta gown just really didn't do it for me... then again I had pretty high expectations after her showstopping de la Renta from last year.
When Bad Hair Happens to Good People
Another small anecdote: I heart Sandra Bullock. In my eyes she is the end-all-be-all of Hollywood actresses. After her flawless trio of awards' season gowns from 2010 she deserved a fashion Oscar. & while I did love the pale pink, jeweled Jenni Packman dress she wore last night I just couldn't get over her exessive bangs (especially from a profile view). I just thought it was too much hair for such a pretty, light, & flowy gown.
I also usually love Carrie Underwood's all over looks on the red carpet. I think she has brought such sophistication & elegance to the country music world. Last night I wanted to focus on her beautiful Badgley Mischka gown so badly but was so distracted by the flat pieces of hair she had surrounding her face-- it was barely better than prom hair if you ask me.
Teetering Two
Last but not least I cannot ignore two of my usual favorites on the red carpet: Natalie Portman & Michelle Williams. I couldn't rationalize putting them in either my faves or dislike categories because I did appreciate their looks but didn't love them for this particular occasion. I was so looking forward to seeing what Natalie was going to bring to the carpet & was slightly disappointed by the Viktor & Rolf gown she chose, especially as the picked-to-win (and did win) contender for Best Actress in a Drama. I wasn't a huge fan the of red sequined rose however I love how she took a risk. Michelle Williams on the other had looked adorable in her Valentino- 60s inspired gown & pixie haircut. The whole look works perfectly together but I would have loved it more at a premiere or press junket but not at the Globes.
Under the Radar
Ok I lied. I couldn't just pick 2 favorites. There was one young starlet who was a presenter last night that I wish we would have seen more of because she looked dazzling. Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester was jaw droppingly gorgeous last night in her nude Burberry gown. The fabric was so yummy I wish I could touch it! Such a great way to represent the 20 somethings out there!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Fashionable You...!!

As you all know Angelique usually writes the Blog and as she is away in beautiful Cancun with her new hubby I will be your resident blogger for a couple of weeks. So a quick intro, My name is Azin, I am originally from the UK and where I am from Fashion is not just what you put on your back every day it is a way of life. I work in the Midtown store and I love, love, love it. When I first moved out here I struggled to find clothes that matched my style and budget, but one lucky day I stumbled across this little gem of a store and I have never looked back since, I even managed to get myself a job here haha.
I was lucky enough to go home for the holidays and thought I would share with you all the fashions from back home. I bribed one of my beautiful best friends Madeline into being my model, I styled her for the cold months so I could give my new Atlanta family a brief idea of what people are doing with fashion across the water, and how you can still be warm and fabulous. We are so inventive with our fashion, anything can be used as an accessory or piece of clothing and I want to introduce that mentality to all of our beautiful Fab’rik shoppers. When browsing the website or visiting our stores really let your imagination run wild. You CAN wear that dress with them shoes, it IS ok to mix prints, don’t be shy be BOLD. Fashion should tell a story about the person you are!

Picking one piece of clothing as statement piece can really glam up an otherwise plain outfit. I used the trousers to really make this everyday outfit an outfit worthy of going for a meal with the boyfriend or drinks with the girls.

It is ok to cluster your fingers with multiple rings in different colours and styles. Fab'rik has some great rings to help create this look for only $22

Let your boyfriend be your style inspiration. Oversized tees with your skinnies and a chunky boot creates that grunge look that has been seen down all the major runways this season.

Layering helps create a really original look and also keep you warm on those cold nights

Make 2011 the year to develop your personal style….and if you need push in the right direction come and see us at any of the Fab’rik stores we love helping people find themselves in fashion. To help create any of the above looks is easy and at Fab'rik we can help you achieve any look you want. Please remember us on your next shopping trip,we will help to make it a real experience...

Happy New You Everybody.