Monday, November 22, 2010

Family Function-al

So with the holidays comes loads of family functions. While you're busy juggling cocktail parties & soirees the majority of the year where anything in your closet goes, November & December ask for a more conservative approach to celebrating. I mean, let's be serious, you can't show up at grandma's with 5 inch stilettos & a mini skirt!
Take the fab'rik approach to holiday festivity shopping: buy things that are appropriate but versatile. A sweater that can also be worn to work, a dress that can be worn with leggings at your aunt's but can show off your gams when you're out with your girls, or a slick pair of jeggings with a cozy tunic & then rockin heels on the weekend. What's better than pieces that can be worn now & later? Other than a serious Thanksgiving feast :)


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