Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shake It, Shake It Baby!

Shake it like a salt shaker...shake it like a Polaroid picture...shake it like a can of soup (last one's Otis Redding - look it up! Google it! We swear!)

But "Shake at the Lake"? If you haven't heard of that, you need to lend us your ears and figure out "where for art thou" should be this weekend. From May 5 - May 9, Georgia Shakespeare will be performing a Midsummer Night's Dream at Lake Clara Meer Lawn...for free! Just grab a wristband from Piedmont Park Visitor's Center at the 12th street entrance the morning of the show's performance, and you're in like...Oberon (might wanna google that one too while you're at it).

Just think - romantic ruffles. Sweet stripes. No, no, we're not talking about 16th century-inspired costumes here. We're talking about your outfit of choice to accompany your Romeo to the performance this weekend. For $44, wow the William wannabees with this flirtatious frock. You'll be a "midspring night's dream" to all who see you, and all the girls will want "to be" (you can forget "or not to be") you!


Ashley J said...

Very cute dress!!!

Genna Harris said...

It is so summery and light...perfect for a garden party or any outdoor event!

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