Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taking Over Atlanta, One Burger At A Time

We have a confession. While we are a calorie concious, fruit lovin, healthy eatin bunch of gals: We have an uber hard time resisting America's cuisine mascot: The Hamburger. Who doesn't love a mouthwatering, juicy burger? (Or veggie for some of you out there!) Well, if you're like us you'll be stoked to hear that in less than 24 hours Atlanta's new happenin' burger joint will be making its highly anticipated debut!

We're all about being the bleeding edge of anything new, fun, & delicious in the Atlanta-area, but we have to say that this particular new hangout-- located just minutes from our Midtown location-- YEAH! Burger is sure to become one of our new must-go-to eateries!

Grab some friends, head down to White Provision on Howell Mill & sink your teeth into loads of different burgers, shakes, fries... you name it! They've got it! Rock our cool & comfy lace ruffle top for a mere $34 and go check out this new west Midtown landmark.
Our mouths are salivating just thinkin' about it...


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