Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Winning "Combo"

Like a good toast at a wedding or that boy from college who tried to court you for months & months but you never could quite fall for, a spring time dress should be short but sweet. You need just enough length to keep that girl-next-door rep rockin' but just enough skin peeking above the knees to keep 'em guessing.

Add "short but sweet" with an of-the-moment trend like the combo dress (def.: noun, a dress that appears to be two [or more] pieces, fooling your admirers into thinking you spent more time planning your outfit than you actually did; synonyms: flirt, fashionista, forward-thinking fab'rik fan), and you have irresistible results for only $46 and $44, respectively!

Try dress #1 or dress #2 with a blazer and black peep-toes for work, then rock those bare shoulders and some funky platforms or wedges at happy hour. How about testing the trend $5 Ladies Night at Marlow's in Midtown tonight? Only after you've made a stop at our West Peachtree location, that is!


Kiki said...

Sweet deals on such playful dresses! Yay for Meg being the model!

Genna Harris said...

Isn't she adorable! We're so lucky to have her!

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