Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life in the Fast Lane

With the summer months quickly approaching, it's inevitable that, just when you didn't think it was possible, you are going to fancy a margarita a few more days a week than usual. Dressing for the post-work drink is an art form, so consider yourself a "work hard, play hard" masterpiece in fab'rik's transition tops.

Pair option one, $44 sky blue bibbed stunner, with your favorite black pants and a blazer on the job, but pull an off-the-clock switcheroo with some dark wash denim shorts (might we suggest our Joe's Jeans cutoffs, available in stores?) and hit up happy hour in casual style (you can even keep the blazer on if you get the chillbumps!) Consider yourself the boss (of fashion, that is) at work with this $48 pink twist strap top, tucked into a high-waisted skirt. But when that clock strikes 6 (or 5 if you're one of the lucky ones), turn yourself into a saucy Cinderella with white pants (Hudson, William Rast, Miss Me OH MY - all in-stores) and some studded sandals (the glass slipper might be pushing it a bit far).

While switching up your wardrobe, why not put a twist in your normal happy hour routine by visiting the High Museum of Art's Single Mingle Wine Tasting on April 30? Even if you're attached, you can still visit the High's newest exhibit "The Allure of the Automobile" until June 20, admission included if you attend the Single Mingle event (see...being single DOES have its perks). Who knows, maybe you'll see a couple "hot rods" you just can't resist!


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