Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Third Piece"

Like a game of "Hot/Cold", it's fair to say that temperatures everywhere are "getting warmer...getting warmerrr!" But it's important not to skimp on style when you are stripping down for those hotter days. A cute, flowy top and white jeans may seem like a great option for a daytime look, but when you incorporate that "Third Piece", you send your style over the edge of normal and on the nose of fashionable.

The "Third Piece" is that killer black leather jacket that Kate Moss throws over her already perfect ensemble with ease. It is the white blazer Ashley Olsen effortlessly rocks over a pastel blouse and silky cargo pants. And it is this $42 linen vest you can wear time and again over a plain black t-shirt and denim cut-offs for playing or printed long sleeve blouse and cropped khakis for working.

Rock this look with a skinny black pants & a neutral-toned silk blouse underneath your Third Piece to the Atlanta Film Festival's Closing Night Extravaganza on Friday, April 23 & stretch your look into the evening with a visit to Whiskey Park at the W Hotel Midtown for post-screening sipping.


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