Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Pamper Thyself": The 11th Commandment

Spring cleaning isn't just about scruba-dub-dubbin' that haven of a bathtub on your hands and knees anymore. It's not just about combing through crumpled up neon pink Post-it note after Post-it note in your wish-it-was-bigger office desk drawer either (and then finally finding the digits of that cute boy you saw at the bar 5 months ago...WHERE WAS THAT NUMBER WHEN YOU NEEDED IT!?) Spring cleaning is also about straightening up yourself and tapping into that bubbly personality that shines as bright as a mid-July Atlanta sun.

Once you've found that "spring" in your step, if you will, it's time to harness the good energy with an uber-relaxing massage or facial. And it JUST so happens that Dove is sponsoring a nation-wide Spa Week featuring $50 treatments April 12-18 (we're taking markdowns on massages, deals on peels...ya know, the good stuff!) Whether you are a fab'rik fashionista from Texas, Virginia, North Carolina or Georgia, you've got the the facts on how to relax (sorry Des Moines ladies)!

The last thing you want to do after tackling the tension is squeeze into those tight True Religions. So we recommend a simple cotton dress for running your ease-inducing errands. Long or short, a dress like this one for $52 can take you from the massage table to the dinner table.

So shed that heavy (but classic!) camel-colored trench, and step into a new season with style!


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