Friday, July 1, 2011

Looks of the Week

All I have to say is that Rosie Huntington is hitting her red carpet appearances for the Transformers 3 premieres out. of. the. park. I mean she looks so unbelievable in this uber-sexy custom-made Burberry gown. Her hair and makeup compliment the color, fabric, neckline so well. A+.
When Katie first started dating Mr. Cruise her fashion sense went form Abercrombie to Armani. And for the first couple of years of their courtship and marriage she was nailing her looks both on and off the red carpet. Lately she's been on more of a slump to me so this fun LBD is a great way to freshen things up for her!

Kate Moss equals calm, cool, and collected in this laid back look walking around London. This soon-to-be bride always has her casual looks down to a T.

Jen Aniston looking gorgeous as always in this flirty little black dress! She always plays up her awesome legs and figure so well!

LOVE this color. LOVE her hair. And LOVE the shoe choice!!! Beyonce's style is always changing but I am totally diggin' where this look is going! Keep it up B!


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