Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Lovin'

We at fab'rik know that this time of the year equals wedding season. It's crazy to me to think that some of my friends have 12 weddings this year!, with the majority in the summer months-- talk about time consuming! & it's also wardrobe consuming: Finding what to wear to each wedding, shower, rehearsal dinner, or any other pre-wedding event can get exhausting. If you're anything like me I don't like to re-wear the same dress to a wedding with the same group of friends, and considering that this has been the year of all my high school friends getting married, keeping the selection versatile without breaking the bank has been quite a challenge!

Thankfully fab'rik has put created a season-appropriate section of our website that can keep you up to date on all things wedding-appropriate. Whether you're heading to a high-noon wedding, an afternoon affair, or a glitzy summer soirée-- be sure to check out our weddings section online to stay fresh for all future weddings!


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