Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yu mwema: God is Good

Today we had the privilege of  attending five Kenyan churches. We divided ourselves into groups of 3 & each had different but equally moving experiences. Some of us attended Swahili language services, some were translated in English, some congregations were large, others were much smaller. However, the common thread of each church service was the presence of extreme joy. Inhibitions were thrown to the wind as we danced in the aisles, sang at the top of our lungs & smiled until our cheeks hurt while we continued to get to know our Kenyan brothers & sisters. Some of the members of our group had the opportunity to lead parts of their service by sharing anecdotes, Bible verses, & songs. It.was.incredible.

After taking a short break for lunch, we then split up into 3 groups for ministry with women, men & children. We heard in our debrief tonight that the men of Kenya are concerned with their future as there is a lack of employment opportunities for them. The men in our group encouraged them to be leaders for their family & to have faith. Those who were partnered with the women’s group found that our lives as women have many more parallels than we had expected. They were able to talk through the struggles of being a working woman & how to prioritize family & faith over daily distractions. We then had four brave souls who volunteered to minister the youth – which ended up being over 60 children. They played multiple games, made cards for their loved ones, sang songs & played soccer in the middle of the community.

We all left today in awe of how amazing this experience truly has been & will continue to be for all of us. No language barrier was strong enough to take precedence over the connections & bonds we all made today.

Please, enjoy some of our pictures from today :) 



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