Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hakuna Matata: No Worries

Hakuna Matata = not just a song from one of our favorite Disney movies!  Yes, it means no worries, but here in Kenya, Hakuna Matata is a way of life.  We learned this the very first day when it took us way longer than expected to travel from Nairobi to Karogoto and have been trying to live with no worries ever since.

Today was an incredible, laid back day spent in the community.  Our group spent time between construction at the new knitting facility and bonding with our friends working at the old knitting facility.  We placed a rather large order so we could take their homemade scarves back to our loved ones and when we arrived they were very hard at work.  What would have been a very stressful task to most of us was just another joyful day for them.

After a picnic lunch, we took a hike up Tumutumu hill with the town pastors to take in the beautiful view, meditate, and pray for this small community we've come to love so much.  It was a very spiritual moment for everyone and a great way to end this portion of our trip.

We have become so attached to the children of Karogoto that we made one final stop to the school to say farewell.  When they saw our bus, the kids came running and screaming out of their classrooms - we felt like rockstars. We hugged, sang, and took tons of pics so we could always remember them.  After the school visit, it was back to the community to say our last goodbyes.  We couldn't believe our time with them was over, but we know that we'll be back again some day.  After a few teary hugs, it was back on the bus to head to our hotel and prep for the next leg of our journey: SAFARI.


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