Saturday, February 2, 2013

Karibo: Welcome

Hello friends, family, & loyal customers! We are having some difficulty uploading pictures onto blogger, so if you would like to see some of the pictures we've taken thus far, be sure to check out our Facebook album :)

We woke up this morning at the West Breeze hotel and had a delicious breakfast of mangos, pancakes, & coffee, prior to heading to Karogoto. Just when we think we're out of Atlanta & away from crazy traffic, we find ourselves gridlocked in the Nairobi streets. What was expected to be a 2 hour transit, quickly turned into a 4 hour one, when one of the main roads was under construction. Because of the detour we had an awesome experience of driving through what Ally calls the "Hollywood Hills of Kenya". While we were able to see some amazing properties interlaced in the beautiful landscape, the backdrop suddenly changed. These areas quickly turned into much more impoverished areas but the common thread was the smiles of the Kenyan people welcoming us.

When we arrived in Karogoto we were greeted with open arms & big hearts. Pastor James introduced us to the women who work in the knitting factory, where we were privileged to knitting lessons & getting to know the women. When it came down to formal introductions we realized that were missing a member of our group, Jamey. We continued with our fellowship while Cameron went on a search for Jamey. A few minutes later, the two of them came back with children draped over their bodies. The little boys of the village instantly fell in love with them -- it was a precious site & a prelude for what the rest of our afternoon would be like.

A local Pastor, Steven, took us on a tour of how 410 Bridge has helped the community ameliorate their water resources. We went on a walk down to a waterfall where we were explained how they collect water & how they will be able to provide plumbing to the new knitting facility that is still being built. We were able to go check out the progress of the new factory & get a great glimpse of what this village has to look forward to.

Shortly thereafter, we said our goodbyes to everyone for the day we realized how excited we are to spend the rest of the week with by far the most gracious & welcoming group of individuals. Although we're physically exhausted, our minds are raising at the thought of what's to come this week!


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