Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Rafiki: Friend

Another amazing day is complete! Today we really focused on building relationships with the people of the community-- & while that has always been our main priority as well as 410 Bridge's mission, today was a day dedicated to spending time with the people of Karogoto.
Some of us helped with the construction of the new knitting facility, others learned from & helped the women in the knitting factory as we all placed orders this morning for various items. A group even had the chance to meet with the head choir instructor, who in his 63 years has traveled & studied all over the world & shared stories of his travels.
After lunch we all got together and played volleyball while some of the community members, chatted with children, etc. In the afternoon we headed down to one of the local schools for an awesome experience of playing games & getting to know over 200 students! They were such a treat to be around, singing, playing soccer, dancing, & playing games.
Such a fun day making new friends!


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