Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missoni Madness

If you aren't familiar with the recent craze around Missoni items then you have seriously been living under a rock.
Target recently had a collaboration with the actual designer which lead to complete chaos for the mass retailer-- empty shelves, crashed website, angry label-obsessed shoppers, and a media frenzy over the lack of preparedness Target had for this onslaught of demand. However, no one can disregard Target's brilliance behind the concept of giving budget conscious (and unconscious) fashionistas coveted designer labels at a Target price.
You're probably wondering why a fab'rik girl is chatting about another company's recent concept. Well, it's because the Missoni madness has spread-- everywhere. The brand is widely recognized for it's signature zig-zag print, which other companies have picked up that this is the reason behind the hype.
Just looking around our store (per the picture;) you can find items inspired by this accomplished Italian fashion house.
Who wants in on the madness?


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