Tuesday, September 23, 2014

National Business Women's Day: Fabulous fab'rik Women

We love celebrating exceptional women in our community!  In honor of National Business Women's Day, we are highlighting a few fab'rik women who give meaning to the phrase #girlboss.  Follow us as we feature fearless women and their stories this week!


I graduated from Valdosta State University in the summer of 2007 and moved to the "big" city of Atlanta thinking that I would walk right into Corporate America, land a job and become a successful business woman in a matter of NO time.... WRONG.  Post graduation, job hunting and trying to find an entry level position proved to be more difficult than I could have ever imagined. While waiting on a dream job, a friend recommended that I look in to working at this cute boutique downtown. I had no other leads at the time, so I thought, why not? (Ramen noodles were starting to get old.) I submitted my resume along with the reasons why I would be perfect for the company, including franchising in the future as a dream of mine. (That might have been a slight fudge. I NEVER thought I could actually own my own franchise!) I interviewed with one manager, followed up with a second and was then hired as a part time stylist with another! I will never forget my first day at fab'rik Forum. I can still remember my outfit:  a very business casual look, accessorized with terrible shoes and your standard sorority girl pearls. After a short time as a part timer I quickly moved into full time, solidifying that I LOVE this industry and this company. Seven months passed and a management position opened up, I had no idea that I would have qualified at that point, but Ally, my manager, (now the fab'rik Operations Manager) believed in me enough to help push me in to the roll, and Dana (CEO) gave me a chance to run one of her fab'rik babies. Looking back I now know what an honor it was that they both believed in me with no management experience and very little time in the retail industry to take on this responsibility. 

I managed fab'rik City Walk for almost 4 years - the first couple years during a recession - so the days of my retail career were not always glitter and champagne. (Let's face it, glitter and champagne are two of my favorite things.) It took long days of calling customers, hustling in the community trying to create foot traffic and lots of tears. I'm not afraid to admit the hard times because we came out of it as a company, and I came out of it a stronger, more resilient person. Those days and having Dana as a mentor helped mold me in to the go-getting business owner that I am today! In early 2011, a franchise opportunity opened up in my community with the redevelopment of a well known shopping center, I stumbled into a conversation with the leasing agent, and the idea sparked for the first fab'rik franchise in Atlanta! After a few convincing conversations with the fab'rik franchise, we started this new journey to open fab'rik East Cobb! In August 2011, fab'rik East Cobb was born. It has been every bit amazing, crazy, awesome and exhausting! I have loved this journey so much that I will be opening my second location, fab'rik AVALON, in October 2014! fab'rik has been a dream come true and a company that will forever be a huge piece of my heart. 

My style has definitely morphed from that business casual, sorority girl to a somewhat edgy, boho chic that likes to test the waters with the seasons latest trends. while I love graphic tees with comfy jeans with layered accessories there is something to be said for the way I feel in a flirty skirt or dress. i love a twist on the classics and tend to add a little flare with the jewels and shoes! 

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