Tuesday, August 6, 2013

fab'rik City Spotlight: Macon, GA

Did you know fab'rik has 20 locations nationwide in 5 states, with several more set to open in the next year? While all fab'rik locations offer the same gorgeous merchandise and signature shopping experience, they are each unique in their own ways.  Each month on our blog, we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at a different fab'rik Boutique, highlighting their eccentricities, customers, staff, and so much more!

 This month, we chose to highlight fab'rik Macon. Macon is about an hour south of Atlanta, and happens to be one of the largest fab'riks there is! Here's what the fab'rik Macon team has to say:

fab'rik Macon Team at the White Collection Charity event in June. (L to R: Stylist Madeline, Customer Allison, Owner Stephanie, fab'rik friend Deidra, Manager Holly, Customer Traci, Stylist Tiffany, Intern Kaeleigh, Stylist Chasey)

Hi fab'rik addicts!  We'd love for you to hear all about our little piece of the fab'rik puzzle!!  We opened in April of 2010, and have loved getting to have this piece of fashion heaven right here in our town.  We are a close team, and fab'rik addicts ourselves.  We love to host fun Rockstar parties; one of our most popular recent Rockstar parties was a Braid and Brow party.  Hair styling + brow grooming + shopping, all in the same place? Count us in. Our customers love to shop, while getting beautified! We also love hosting trunk shows and having other fun events.  

Stylist Tiffany and Owner Stephanie // Manager Holly // Madeline and Chasey

A little bit about our team:   
On any given weekend you might find the fab'rik Macon team downtown at Tic Toc, one of our favorite restaurants, chatting about fashion, The Bachelor, and the new shipments we just got in. 
During inventory, we have a tradition of ordering pizza and listening to 90s music.  Once we accidentally scheduled inventory during the Oscars red carpet, so naturally we live streamed it from an iPad so we knew what everyone was wearing!  We don't take ourselves too seriously and have been known to post our bloopers on our facebook page.  We love to get together for off duty parties, like when Manager Holly hosted a jean shorts painting party a couple of months ago. (See Chasey and Madeline wearing theirs above!)  Any excuse for a staff meeting that involves fashion DIYs!

Stylist Logan //  En route to White Collection Charity Event // Stylists Kim, Chasey and Tiffany // Holiday 2012 party

3 members of our team have their own fashion blogs!  Manager Holly's blog is called Designer Styles for The Frugal Soul.  Stylist Tiffany's blog is Tiffany Style Blog.  Stylist Logan's blog is all about the Bohemian Hipster!   
A little about our customers:  The fab'rik Macon customer has a pretty classic style. She's not afraid to try new trends, but knows when to stick to the basics as well.  We wear a lot of pink in March for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival, and come fall, our customers love buying things in their school colors for football season We love to send our fab'rik addicts photos as new things come in, and we love learning what all our customers are into as trends come and go. 

  We'd love for any fab'rik addicts to come visit us if you are in town! We are open Mon-Sat 10-7, and Sun 1-5.


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