Monday, August 12, 2013

The fab'rik Guide to Game Day

   Hi guys! I'm Caroline, the fab'rik Savannah store manager and blogger over at I'm super pumped about sharing a fun and simple guide to game day! With football season around the corner and as the daughter of a former football coach and sister to a football player, this post is near to my heart! Mostly because, I get it, in the south football season is a BIG deal, the biggest deal and I'm here to help you answer that dreaded question, "What should I wear to the game?" Every girl needs the perfect game day outfit to feel beautiful and to cheer on your team with confidence, and fab'rik is the perfect place to find that! Here a few guidelines and pictures to help you throughout the season:

1. Keep it simple- I'm the first one to admit that I love a complicated outfit with layers everywhere, tons of jewels, and new trends, but game day means less is more. You definitely don't want to look like you tried too hard and cute, simple pieces can always make a statement!

2.Be comfortable- This is not the time to try out your new super mini skirt or 6 inch heels. You NEED to be and look comfortable! You're going to be jumping up and down, mingling with friends, eating unhealthy, but oh so yummy food, and possibly climbing up and down bleachers! So slip on your favorite easy dress or your most comfortable pair of jeans for the days festivities!

3.Mix and match- Be sure to buy pieces that you can mix and match together and with other pieces. This will give you more options for every game without wearing the same outfit twice. Buy basics and solid colors that you can wear again.

4.Dress weather appropriate- We all know the weather during football season can be crazy! It's hot one week and can be freezing the next! Be sure to dress appropriate according to the weather. We know you're dying to wear that cute backless dress you snagged at fab'rik last week, but if it's 30 degrees out, save the dress and bundle up in your cutest game day sweater and boots!

5.It's all in the DEETS: Showing your team support is sometimes best executed in tiny increments. I love the idea of adding your schools colors in the little details of your outfit. Consider sporting your colors in your necklace, handbag, earrings, or shoes!


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