Thursday, July 18, 2013

fab'rik City Spotlight: AUSTIN, TX

Did you know fab'rik has 20 locations nationwide in 5 states, with several more set to open in the next year? While all fab'rik locations offer the same gorgeous merchandise and signature shopping experience, they are each unique in their own ways.  Each month on our blog, we'll give you a behind-the-scenes look at a different fab'rik Boutique, highlighting their eccentricities, customers, staff, and so much more!

This month, we chose to highlight fab'rik Austin in the great state of Texas. It's located 30 min from downtown Austin and prides itself on being a UT student’s secret shopping spot and a suburban mom’s dream. Much like the city of Austin, fab'rik Austin has lots of energy yet is laid back and comfortable. 
Read what else manager Rachel had to say about fab'rik Austin...
We really work hard to participate in community events- Austin Fashion Week, local fashion show’s and local shopping markets. We even carry local designers such as our graphic T-shirt line- T-Shirt & Jeans Girl. The art work on our walls is always changing as well with a different artist every 3-4 months.
Our team is as unique as the clothes in our store. We each have our own style with a touch of fab’rik. The Hill Country Galleria is filled with great restaurants so you can usually find us on our home turf. For special occasions we treat ourselves at downtown hot spots such as La Condessa in the 2nd street district.

The fab’rik Austin customer is super social and loves to go out on the town to try new restaurants or see live music. Often she is a young mom looking for the latest trends and loves to be the best dressed when out with her friends and family.

Live in the Austin area and want to check it out for yourself??
fab'rik Austin is open M-Sat. 10-8 and Sunday 12-6




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