Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Fashionable You...!!

As you all know Angelique usually writes the Blog and as she is away in beautiful Cancun with her new hubby I will be your resident blogger for a couple of weeks. So a quick intro, My name is Azin, I am originally from the UK and where I am from Fashion is not just what you put on your back every day it is a way of life. I work in the Midtown store and I love, love, love it. When I first moved out here I struggled to find clothes that matched my style and budget, but one lucky day I stumbled across this little gem of a store and I have never looked back since, I even managed to get myself a job here haha.
I was lucky enough to go home for the holidays and thought I would share with you all the fashions from back home. I bribed one of my beautiful best friends Madeline into being my model, I styled her for the cold months so I could give my new Atlanta family a brief idea of what people are doing with fashion across the water, and how you can still be warm and fabulous. We are so inventive with our fashion, anything can be used as an accessory or piece of clothing and I want to introduce that mentality to all of our beautiful Fab’rik shoppers. When browsing the website or visiting our stores really let your imagination run wild. You CAN wear that dress with them shoes, it IS ok to mix prints, don’t be shy be BOLD. Fashion should tell a story about the person you are!

Picking one piece of clothing as statement piece can really glam up an otherwise plain outfit. I used the trousers to really make this everyday outfit an outfit worthy of going for a meal with the boyfriend or drinks with the girls.

It is ok to cluster your fingers with multiple rings in different colours and styles. Fab'rik has some great rings to help create this look for only $22

Let your boyfriend be your style inspiration. Oversized tees with your skinnies and a chunky boot creates that grunge look that has been seen down all the major runways this season.

Layering helps create a really original look and also keep you warm on those cold nights

Make 2011 the year to develop your personal style….and if you need push in the right direction come and see us at any of the Fab’rik stores we love helping people find themselves in fashion. To help create any of the above looks is easy and at Fab'rik we can help you achieve any look you want. Please remember us on your next shopping trip,we will help to make it a real experience...

Happy New You Everybody.


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