Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kenya Meeting: Karogoto

Tuesday night our management team got together for its first official meeting to learn more about our upcoming adventure. We had the great opportunity to hear from Christi, from 410 Bridge, about Kenyan culture. Having traveled there 16 times beforehand, Christi had some amazing insight on the culture we will experience while in Kenya. We listened to great anecdotes and accounts from her experiences to help us better understand Kenya before we embark on our journey!

Here are a few facts & knowledge about Karogoto, the Kenyan village we will be residing in! Karogoto is located 2 hours from Nairobi in the Central Providence of Kenya. Karogoto has roughly 7,000 inhabitants and is found at the base of the Tumutumu Hills. Karogoto is an agriculturally centered village with coffee beans as one of the major crops in the area.

Our goal is to integrate ourselves with the culture, learn about their heritage, all while developing relationships with the community which will hopefully allow us to travel there for years to come.

Continue to follow our blog for the months to come to learn about all things leading up to our trip & of course our blog posts live from Kenya come January!

To contribute to fab'rik's journey as they head to Karogoto follow this link:


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