Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Hi fab'rik addicts! Today we have a guest post from one of our stylists in Austin, Texas, Melissa!!

We are so excited to have Melissa show us some of her favorite outfits for this time of year.   

I've never been a huge fan of leopard print, mostly because I've always thought it to be too glam for my style. However, recently my style-heart has opened up to the possibilities of leopard print, and when paired with olive (my favorite color this season), how could you possibly go wrong!? Whether you need a casual outfit or a festive look, I have you covered!
Enjoy this Thanksgiving comfortably with shorts, an over-sized sweater, and flats.
Sweater//Shorts (this style no longer available online)//Shoes// Bag (this style no longer available online)
Maybe you're not into shorts this season- I'm actually pretty positive 75% of the nation can't wear them. However, I'm in Texas, and we can wear shorts just about all year round, unless a cold front blows through, and then we'll need pants and closed toed shoes for about two weeks max. But I digress... Trade in the shorts for leggings, add some embellished booties, and layered necklaces and you've added some polish to a very simple look!
My final holiday look is for all the glam girls who love their dresses, heels, and sparkly jewelry! For extra warmth layer a leather moto-jacket under the vest, and wear black tights.
Dress//Vest not yet available online// Booties//Bag (similar)//Necklace

We are loving these outfits Melissa! Thank you for sharing!  If you live in the Austin area, make sure to stop by fab'rik and let Melissa style you! 

And as always, you can share YOUR fab'rik photos with us anytime! We would love to see how you style our pieces.  Email your photos to to be added to our "Out and About" album on facebook.

Thank you for reading! 


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