Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Purpose to Passion...

The fab'rik mission statement is simple: High Style with Heart, No Attitude or Sticker Shock.

In our boutiques, we pride ourselves on offering first class customer service to each and every customer. We want to have the cutest, trendiest clothes you can find, all under $100. We want to make sure each shopper leaves the store feeling a little more beautiful than when she walked in.

Outside of the store is where we let our hearts shine.  In 2009, fab'rik CEO Dana Spinola teamed up with a friend, Kim Bartlett, to start our free fab'rik charity.  free fab'rik offers young women the opportunity to shop in a boutique setting without the pressure of a price tag, all while being surrounded by positive influences and fun mentor relationships with the volunteers who help out at the free sprees.

While the charity was immediately a smashing success, Dana wanted to do more.  In January 2013, a group from the fab'rik management team went to visit the village of Karagoto, Kenya and forged lifelong friendships with the women in their local knitting facility.  We brought back their scarves to sell in our stores and plan on returning annually to help out in their incredible community.

We're not stopping there though, and we couldn't be thrilled to share the next chapter of fab'rik with our fab'rik addicts, family, and supporters.  Coming this October, the former fab'rik Midtown store will become the first ever free fab'rik Community Boutique.  This boutique will have donated clothing from the community for sale, with all profits going back into the free fab'rik organization. In addition, the Community Boutique will be used as a gathering place for the free sprees that free fab'rik started with, small group meetings, community dinners, and speakers for the ladies in the mentorship program.

Read this letter from our CEO for a little more info...

Our community boutique’s mission is to restore dignity, confidence and hope to young ladies who have lost theirs by helping them discover God’s will for their lives through mentorship programs, job opportunities and free shopping sprees.

And now, fab'rik family, we need your help! We are hiring not only a Community Boutique manager, but are looking for strong women with exceptional values and huge hearts to volunteer as mentors for the incredible young women who will be benefiting from the program.  The free fab’rik volunteer mentor is a caring, responsible, adult woman who serves as a trusted friend and guide to one mentorship participant. Her role is to encourage, support and advise the mentee to make positive life choices and to help provide guidance for the mentee to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

If you are interested in contributing to the next chapter of fab'rik, we want to hear from you! We are accepting clothing donations at all fab'rik locations.  If you are interested in making a monetary donation, check out the free fab'rik website.

If you would like to apply for the Boutique Manager or Mentor positions, please send an email to with your interests! Thank you in advance for helping so many dreams come true.


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