Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kenya Meeting: Logistics

For those of you keeping up with our upcoming mission trip, we had our second informational meeting last night! We were able to ask a lot of questions in regards of how we can better prepare for our trip, what our schedule will be like, our accommodations, & of course more about the people of Karogoto & how we'll be able to spend time with them.
Many of us wanted to know more about the types of vaccinations we'll need prior to departing, what all we'll need to pack, what type of dress is appropriate while we're there, where we'll be staying etc. We don't have to get too many vaccines, but many of us are scared of needles so it's a daunting task! We received a list of all sorts of items (everything from work gloves, medicine, toiletries, & lots of mosquito spray!) that we'll need as well as the type of clothing to bring (conservative, long skirts, khakis, loose fitting tees).
We found out more about our travel schedule: we will have one layover (fewf!!) in Amsterdam before heading to Nairobi. We'll leave Thursday January 31st, arriving in Kenya on the 1st of February & making our way back on the 8th arriving in Atlanta the afternoon of the 9th. Upon our arrival in Karogoto we will have the opportunity to tour the community followed by a welcoming ceremony in our honor. We are so looking forward to experiencing Kenyan culture first hand! We will be residing in a hotel about 15 minutes from the village for the duration of our stay... until the last night where we will be venturing to an African safari! The excitement in the room was palpable! It will be the icing on the cake from already such an amazing experience!
As far as what exactly we'll be doing while we're there, we haven't officially found out yet. Stacy, our 410 Bridge leader, told us that we'll have a much better idea of our itinerary about 2 weeks out from departure!
Stay tuned as the trip grows nearer we'll continue to update you with details from our trip as they become familiar to us! We also look forward to sharing our journey with you through our blog during our travels!


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