Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Pack Light?

How to pack light.. is nothing short of an oxymoron in my life. It never fails, I start off feeling really good about my choices - keeping everything as narrowed down as possible with only the essentials: bathing suit, flip flops, pair of shorts, a few tops, pair of skinny jeans, heels, & a few dresses. Then, as always, I start to doubt myself. Slowly but surely I start to add things one by one: another bathing suit, more tops just in case, more shoe options, & accessories galore (I am leaving for LA tomorrow & have literally packed every single  BouCou necklace that I own.. a bit excessive I know).

I went online to find some tips & pointers on how to hopefully curb my appetite for over-packing & stumbled upon this helpful article from the ladies at Bazaar..Heading home later with the intention of narrowing down my load of clothes. Here's to hoping! 


couple of chances said...

As a man, I can only speak from my own experiences;
1) Pack accessories and socks inside shoes, (wear one pair of business black, pack only one casual pair.)
2) Roll three shirts, (one Business white, one business casual, and one casual polo.)
3) Roll two sets of scrubs, (easy to wash, fast to dry) switch wearing a pair and using one as PJ's.
4) roll one pair of white chinos, one pair of white cargo shorts, and one pair of well fitting dark jeans.
5) Place all rolled items in a large see-thru trash bag, and suck all the air out using a vacuum cleaner.
For the trip wear a suit with a second open business white shirt, roll two ties, place one in the hand pocket for easy access and place one in the luggage, (Ties wrinkle easy, never the same after an ironing.) You are ready to depart, arrive, and exit quickly using only one bag. Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, all may be purchased and left behind at the destination, (these items seem to leak at the most inopportune time.)
With advance notice, I have gone to the extreme of packing essentials and mailing to the destination with "hold for" instructions and arrival date imprinted on the outside of the package in a predominant spot.
I hope my suggestions are helpful and instill ideas of your own.

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