Tuesday, June 5, 2012

fab'rik White Collection: All You Need to Know

After 10 years, fab'rik addicts will be rewarded for all of their requests..."Can you create a line that only fab'rik has?" Well, get ready, the time has finally arrived! This line is sexy and comfortable-- the best of both worlds. Think prints that you can't help but compliment and styles that are simply flattering. Every piece of the clothing also comes in solid black and solid white because while we love prints, basics are classics & essential in everyone's wardrobe! The line mainly consists of dresses but we've also included our signature go out tops perfect pair with your skinny jeans. We can't wait to share it with fab'rik fans across the nation! Those attending the Charity Fashion Show will get the first sneak peek and will actually be able to purchase it in the White Lounge that night. Then 9am the next morning it will be available online www.fabrikstyle.com and then 10am the store doors open... First come first serve because we only cut limited editions of all pieces and won't replicate, our promise to make sure you don't see your same dress on someone else at your next event!

Click here for a one-on-one interview with our CEO & owner, Dana Spinola!


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