Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tricky Trend: Bandeaus -- by Courtney Witcher

Many of us experience the war with our bra on a daily basis. Trying to find the perfect bra for each outfit is at times impossible. Some don't mind their bra showing, others opt to go commando... but if you're seeking the perfect combo of fashion, comfort, and practicality, then you're in need of a bandeau bra!
I know what you're thinking: Those are made for the A-cup, small chested women- but in face they're made for every size!
You can pair your sexy new bandeau with distressed denim, a cool light flowing top and a long necklace!
Wearing a bandeau not only gives you a chance to play with your sexy side, but it also allows you to stop worrying about a little bra strap showing! These are meant for show! Guilt free!
I love the look of a white button down and either a bright colored bandeau or a sexy black lace one-- you're destined for comfort and style!
Challenge the bandeau and step out of our norm! After all, being comfortable is sexy.


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